North Marion Finish Strong Versus Eastside College Prep

By Jeremy McDonald

PALO ALTO, Calif.–  North Marion saw themselves down 43-38 in the fourth quarter versus Eastside College Prep to kickoff the Eastside Prep Coaches versus Cancer Classic in the San Francisco Bay Area after building a double-digit lead late in the first quarter.

But, it wasn’t because of the shot-clock that California has for their High School Athletics, the Huskies  offense  moves fast enough to beat the 30-second clock.  It was the shooters of the Panthers that made North Marion as they took advantage of the rebounding game and taking advantage of few miscues that the Huskies had.

Exhausted, they began to chip away as Mya Hammack scored the next five North Marion points to tie the game up at 43 with 5:50 left in the game before Mar Verastegui handed her squad their first lead in what seemed like ages at 45-43.

“We were all very, very tired.  I think we really wanted it and going off a loss in the first game would really hurt us,” said Hammack.  “We really want to make it through and stuff and we have a lot of potential.  We really had to come together and just stay together and work through it.”

Katie Ensign (center) and Eastside’s Zion Gabriel (11) during Thursday’s game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Eastside cut North Marion’s lead to two after the Huskies got it to four, but North Marion answered by pushing their lead to eight with 3:37 left in the game.  Trevor Bodine told them that they had to want it if they really want to win not just this game, but the tournament.

And they knew they didn’t come down from Oregon for nothing no matter how the game was going for them before this final little push.

“It’s definitely passion, we were all just coming out…everyone that was on the floor, we all just wanted it so go at it,” said Raymee Boese.  “We were going to play the game we know how to play, we’re not going to let them affect us.  Yeah we’re in California and we’re from Oregon, but we’re going to play the best that we can.”

The Huskies handed the ball back to the Panthers without scoring any points, and with an Eastside College Prep team that had already went on a 20-8 run already were looking for one last push to advance.  But North Marion’s defense shut the door on their host, taking the opening game of the tournament 57-47.

Next up is Arroyo Grande for the Huskies Friday night at 6pm, the Eagles defeated Woodcreek from Roseville, California 54-50 to open the tournament Thursday night.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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