Gervais Hosting Second-Annual Alumni Tournament

By Jeremy McDonald

GERVAIS, Ore.–  For the second-time, Gervais is hosting their annual Alumni tournament this year that will feature six teams in a double-elimination bracket over two days at Gervais High School.

With last year being the first-year of it, there was a loose rule of how many non-alums could be on each team as Cougars Boys Head Coach Ben Schultz, a Gervais graduate himself, tried to get the event out there that it was going on and was interested in continuing it since he arrived at Gervais as the Head Basketball Coach three-years ago.

The Bracket for the 2018-2019 Gervais Alumni Tournament that is happening December 29-30 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“It’s great to see that we have six teams this year,” said Schultz.  “The fact that we hammered down on the number of non-alumni to three total per team I thought it might hurt. But we have a good number. We actually almost had seven! I love former Cougars are coming back home.”

And with Winter Break happening starting this week, it was perfect timing in trying to round-up all the grads who are coming home from Winter Break from College or are in town to see family for the Holidays to come and have a good time.

The event is happening December 29th and 30th at Gervais High School, kids are free and adults are two-dollars as an entrance fee to see the games.


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