South’s System Pays Off In Big Second Half

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  The Run-N-Gun philosophy that Adrian Lewis wants to bring to South Salem showed it’s glamour Friday night at home against South Eugene.

After seeing a strong first half fade into a nine-point, 38-30 lead by the Axe, the Lady Saxons came out of the halftime break rested as they connected on their first six shots of the second half and went three-of-four from the free throw line as they extended their lead to 53-33 during the second 16 minutes.

Gretchen Olson led the charge as Hilary James was second in command with the offense as their speed worn down the South Eugene legs during the third quarter to help swing momentum fully into their favor in their season opening win 69-46.

“It was really vital, we were only up by eight and we kind of slacked off in the second (quarter).  But it was really good to get that fast third quarter start and momentum was up there and it was nice having that confidence going into the third because we really wanted to run on them,” said Olson who had a team-high 28 points.

South Salem’s Hilary James (2) shooting a free Throw during the Third Quarter as the Lady Saxons outscored  South Eugene 31-16 in the second half (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

James added another 25 in the win with South Salem outscoring South Eugene 31-16 after the halftime break, but you could tell that by the final minutes of the game that the system was wearing on them as fatigue began to set in for themselves.

Like in football, these early season games serve as a good tool to see how you can improve as a unit and for South it’s the fact they can work on that endurance during practice, but it is also important to remember to recover so they can compete the best they can.

“Practice intense a little bit more.  I always say we got to practice fast, we got to practice fast’, but they don’t really understand it until they get to a game,” said Saxon Head Coach Adrian Lewis. “I’ve had all the girls saying, ‘we need to play faster now coach and in practice’.  So it’s nice to see that they realize what I’ve been telling them, they’ll start doing.”

“Having a balance like that , it’s good so we’re going to have a couple of days off. Saturday and Sunday, it’s going to be good, we’re going to rest up and back in the gym on Monday.  Hacing that rest is important,” adds Olson on making sure they’re resting up to make sure they’re 100-percent come Monday’s practice and moving forward.

South Salem will be on the road for the first time this season when they travel to Glencoe on Tuesday (7:15pm) before having a week-off before going to McMinnville on December 11 to play the Grizzlies.

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