North Rolls Past McKay For First Win Of Year

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  It was one of those wins that could boost confidence for the rest of the season, while for the other, it serves as a good growing tool to improve.

For North Salem, they haven’t beat McKay since February 6, 2015 for one of their three wins that season.

Over the past three seasons it’s been all Royal Scots until November 30, 2018 when that six-game skid to McKay game to an end behind with a dominance performance on both sides of the court led by 18 points by Braden Vasquez to roll over the young Scots team 62-26 to rebound off of their season opening loss to Churchill Wednesday night.

“It’s definitely nuts, we played off of intensity and I feel like we could have done better but everyone was getting te ball and it worked out for us,” said Vasquez.

North Salem held McKay to their lowest point total since 2015 Friday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


One thing that Vasquez said that they could work on entering Week 2 of the season is their defense as they gave up 86 points in their season opener to the Lancers with them traveling to The Dalles Tuesday as they try to build off of the win.

In most High School Teams, 62 points is a decent night to hold a team too.  But for a team that was known for their scoring the last three seasons with McKay, the 26 points they scored Friday was their lowest point total since January 7, 2015 versus Barlow when they scored 34 points

“It really shows that we really need to work on our offense,” said KR Tipkin, who had three points in the win.  “Our defense was pretty good, but it’s our offense that we couldn’t score (with).”

Tre Ceja led the Scots with eight points.  Andre Beall and Zac Sullivan had seven points for North Salem in the win Friday night.




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