Amity’s Season Comes To A Close In Semi-Final Round

By Jeremy McDonald

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore.– It was as expected to start the game between Amity and Cascade Christian in the 3A State Semi-Final Round Saturday afternoon.

Two offense that can score that raises the question of who can make the most stops?

By halftime it seemed as if it’ll be like a High School basketball game with the score reading Challengers 26, Warriors 24 with a half of ball to go for a spot in the Championship game next Saturday.

Both teams traded stops as Cascade Christian was only able to score the lone touchdown in the third quarter, but Amity’s offense that was as effective as the Challengers in the first half was shut down by Cascade Christian’s defense as they couldn’t land a possible tying score as the Challengers began to pull away in the fourth quarter.

“We came out and punched them in the mouth,” said West Streeter about the first half. “And they punched back harder every time. They’re a good football team, we just couldn’t make plays when it counted.”

The Amity defense trying to break through Cascade Christian’s line during the second half of the Semi-Final Game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Streeter rushed for 127 yards to Jonathan Mather’s game-high 167 yards on the ground with Mather having two touchdown strikes to Streeters one. Senior Cody Dyche led all defensive players with 14 tackles as Russel Brown had 3.5 tackles for losses in the game as Cascade Christian sealed the 49-24 win to advance to the 3A State Title game next week.

For Amity, who reached it’s first Semi-Final round since winning it all in 2009, know that this is a strong step towards the right direction moving forward after reaching the playoffs the past three seasons.

“It’s a great atmosphere , great fans coming all the way down. We got a great team, it’s a great experience,” Said Streeter on playing in the semi-final game. “It didn’t end the way we wanted it but I wouldn’t trade these guys for anything. We put the Amity football team back on the map, they just got to keep us going. Keep us here where we deserve to be.”

Robby Scharf (60) pulling to help guide Seth Valencia find a hole (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

For Robby Scharf, who left the game briefly after taking a hard hit to the chest before returning, recalls the last three groups of seniors before him. Seeing what this moment meant to them, faced with the last time they’ll play together as a team. The Clint Hatch’s, the Lance Nelson’s, Brady Baughman’s, Trevor Hall’s and Ivan Rameriez’ out there that helped leave their legacy that lead up to this classes legacy meaning season, and it worked.

“For those guys, the last three years after their last game crying on the field, they said legacy is two parts. It’s half the people before you and it’s half the people that come after you. And I’ve been telling guys for three-years to now that your legacy is going to define you and that we were going to bring it back and I think we did.

“My legacy…what happened tonight, it’s not what happened this season., it’s a good part of it. It’s Wyatt Yocum, it’s Wyatt Hatch, it’s Keenan Graham, it’s those guys that Magill and Tromblay get to coach the next three years and that’s what this class’ legacy is going to be, is what comes after it. It’s not the classes before and what happened, it’s what’s happened since.

“This has been a four-year process,” Scharf continues. “We’re bringing this thing back and it’s back. You can feel it in the town, you can feel it in Oregon and its back. If there’s anything that I can be proud of is that . I came here from Perrydale and I brought it back, it’s the proudest day of my life.”

For those returning, they got some big shoes to fill knowing that the standard was not just set, but now expected after coming one game of the Trophy Game. Now they’ve gotten a taste of it, how can they respond and carry this into 2019 and the season after that?

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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