Mid-Willamette Conference Football List

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.– As the Second week of the season kicks off, we’ll be seeing a pair of Co-Head Coaches of Silverton’s Josh Craig and West Albany’s Brian Mehl face off with Co-Assistant Coaches of the Year coming from both teams in the Foxes Matt Craig and the Bulldogs Cole Pouliot. Lebanon saw the offensive player of the year in Colton Shepard with the Warriors yielding the Defensive Player of the Year in Corbin Anderson.

Here is the full List:

First team Offense

Quarterbacks: Levi Nielsen, Silverton;

Colton Shepard Lebanon

Running backs: Keith Brown Lebanon;

Cam Sanders Crescent Valley;

Hunter Chase Central

Wide receivers:

Myles Westberg West Albany

Jesse Cable Central

Max Johnson, Corvallis

Linemen: Ben Willis, Silverton

Andrew Beall, North Salem

Corbin Anderson, Lebanon

Zar Grimes, Lebanon

North Salem’s Zac Sullivan (11) handing off to Clint Pfeifer (28) against Dallas. Sullivan was Honorable Mention at Quarterback and Pfeifer was Second Team Linebacker and Honorable Mention at Running Back (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Kaimana “Bubba” Wa’a, Crescent Valley

GW Fulford, Corvallis

Tight end: Gabe Bergman Central

Second team

Quarterbacks: Sawyer Cleveland, Crescent Valley;

Logan Steeves, Corvallis

Running backs: Hunter Crosswhite, West Albany

Hayden Roth, Silverton

Chaz Daniels, Lebanon

Wide receivers: Grant Buchheit, Silverton

Eddy Kennedy, Lebanon;

Kelly Kingsmill, Corvallis

Linemen: Cole Norlander, West Albany;

Will Button, Dallas;

Spencer Von Flue, Silverton;

Tashaun Treat,, Silverton;

Gideon Osborne, Lebanon;

Brandon Lareau, Crescent Valley;

Brandon Broadus, Central

Tight end: Zach Macbean, Silverton;

Dillan Weber, Lebanon

Honorable mention

Quarterbacks: Carson Van Dyke, West Albany;

Landon Gardner, Dallas;

Zac Sullivan, North Salem;

Kalab Kantola, Central

Central’s Kaleb Kantola (7) throwing against McKay in the second week of the season (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Running backs: Colby Johnson, Dallas

Jarod Coxen, , Dallas

Nathan Kuenzi, Silverton

Teyden Ysasaga, North Salem

Clint Pfeifer,, North Salem

Brock Barrett, Lebanon

Omar Speights, Crescent Valley

Jose Camarena,, McKay

Rafael Aguilar McKay

Isaac Worsch, Corvallis

Tyler Seiber., South Albany

Linemen: Darius Braithwaite, West Albany;

Bryce Miller, Dallas;

Jackson Clements, Silverton;

Lane Blisseck, Lebanon;

Brock Love, Crescent Valley;

Jordan Taueu., Crescent Valley;

Chase Michalczik., Crescent Valley;

Moses Mierau, Central;

Corban Sedlacek, Central;

Elliott Schaffner, McKay;

Cody Capanna, Corvallis;

Cade O’Brien, Corvallis;

Chris Sapaugh,, South Albany;

Kyle Sapaugh, South Albany

Tight ends: Isaak Vipperman., North Salem;

Zaire Ku-Beiza,McKay;

Ireland McFadden, Corvallis

Wide receivers: Kenny Chen., Dallas;

Jack Anderson, Dallas;

Dallas’ Jack Anderson (3) making a tackle against Corvallis as the Dragon Senior got Honorable Mention Receiver (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Isaac Magana, Silverton;

Riley Kramer, Silverton;

Cris Davis., North Salem;

Walker Riney, Crescent Valley;

Cam Hemzacek., Crescent Valley;

Ethan Hester,, Corvallis


First team

Linemen: Kyle Hutson, West Albany;

Ben Willis, Silverton;

Corbin Anderson, Lebanon;

Kaimana “Bubba” Wa’a, Crescent Valley;

GW Fulford, Corvallis

Linebackers: Drew Toland, West Albany;

Owen Magill, Silverton;

Landon Kisling, Lebanon;

Dillan Weber,Lebanon;

Jesse Cable, Central;

Ben Lumianski, Corvallis

Defensive backs: Cassius McGinty, West Albany;

Porter Phillips, West Albany;

Hunter Runion, Silverton;

Sawyer Cleveland, Crescent Valley;

Max Johnson, Corvallis

Second team

Linemen: Austin Leeper, West Albany

PJ Holgate, Dallas

Jacob Adrian, Silverton

Zach Goodwin North Salem

Dylan Studar, Lebanon

Linebackers: Ayden Lundin, Dallas

Clint Pfeifer North Salem

Omar Speights, Crescent Valley

Defensive backs: Ezra Lopez, West Albany

Riley Kramer, Silverton

Jason Carter-Varay, North Salem

Dane Sipos, Lebanon

Ricky Taylor, jr., Central

Dallas’ Colby Johnson (26) celebrating with his teammates after making a special teams stop versus North Salem (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Honorable mention

Linemen: James Burwell, West Albany

Ashton Brecht, Dallas

Tashaun Treat, Silverton

Jacob Mertes, North Salem

Steven Wilson. Lebanon

Brandon Lareau Crescent Valley

Gabe Bergman Central

LJ Alise, McKay

Cody Capanna Corvallis

Cade O’Brien Corvallis

Nick Bohannon South Albany

Linebackers: Eli McSpaden, West Albany

Tanner Curr, West Albany

Will Button, Dallas

Colson Spencer, Dallas

Colby Johnson, Dallas

Logan Fergus, Silverton

Keith Brown, Lebanon

Aaron Heiken, Crescent Valley

Nick Armstrong, Crescent Valley

Trevor Adams, Crescent Valley

Chase Michalczik, Crescent Valley

Gunner Schmidt, Central

Jose Camarena, McKay

Rafael Aguilar, McKay

Izaak Worsch, Corvallis

Eric Wise, Corvallis

Parker Romviel South Albany

Kyle Miller, South Albany

Defensive backs: Ben Courtney Dallas

Reece Wallace, Dallas

Dawson Barcroft, Dallas

Isaac Magana Silverton

Cris Davis North Sale,

Raymond Knuth, Lebanon

Ethan Hester, Corvallis

Brady Hankins, Corvallis

Hayden Watts, South Albany

Geo Garibay-Perez, South Albany



First team: Cam Sanders, Crescent Valley

Second team: Oswaldo Ramirez, South Albany

Honorable mention: Landon Gardner Dallas

Keith Brown Lebanon

Hunter Chase, Central

Kenny MorleyCorvallis


First team: Oswaldo Ramirez South Albany

Second team: Ben Willis, Silverton

Honorable mention: Sage Arnesan, Dallas

Tomas Dejong, Lebanon

Omar Parroquin, Central 11

Kick returners

First team: Jesse Cable, Central

Second team: Kelly Kingsmill Corvallis

Honorable mention: Hunter Runion, Silverton

Dane Sipos, Lebanon

Johnny Castillo Crescent Valley

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