OWC Football Honors List

By Jeremy McDonald


By Jeremy McDonald


TURNER, Ore.—With the first-round of the 4A playoffs starting with Sweet Home and Cascade going on the road Friday with the Huskies having the Defensive Player of the Year in Nate Virtue and the Coach of the Year in Dustin Nichol while the Cougars having the Lineman of the Year in Macoy Christman helping their causes.  Stayton had the Offensive Player of the Year in Ben Rash.

Here is the full list:


Quarterback- Ben Rash- Stayton

Quarterback- Colton Smith – Sweet Home

Running Back Ethan Coffey- Cascade

Running Back- Hayden McDonald- Sweet Home

Tight End- Macoy Christman- Cascade


Wide Receiver- Sean Bodi- Stayton

Wide Receiver- Nate Virtue- Sweet Home

Center-Austin Olin- Sweet Home

Guard- Joel Miller- Sisters

Guard- Garrett Sandefur- Stayton

Offensive Tackle- Jacob Schultz- Cascade

Offensive Tackle- Jimmy Acaevado- Newport

Kicker- Wyatt Herenadez- Sisters

Ben Rash (6) running with the ball against North Marion August 30 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Quarterback- Taylor Fendall- Sisters

Running Back- Addison Galen- Newport

Running Back- Colbey Roe- Newport

Running Back- Galor Hakem- Sisters

Tight Ends- Jake Swanson- Sweet Home

Wide Receiver- Korbin Sharp- Sisters

Wide Receiver- Casey Tow- Sweet Home

Center- Morgan Smith- Stayton

Guard- Trystin Teal- Cascade

Guard- Noah Moore- Sweet Home

Offensive Tackle- Bryce Whieldon- Stayton

Offensive Tackle- Marshall Brattain- Philomath

Kicker- Jacob Dobmeier- Newport


Quarterback- Jacob Hage- Cascade

Wide Reciever- Jake Whisman- Cascade

Guard- Kyle McAlister- Cascade

Cascade’s Jake Whisman fielding a punt during the Cougars game versus Newport (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Offensive Tackle- Caleb Sell- Cascade

Running Back- Austin Perry- Newport

Running Back- Tanner Stottiemyre- Newport

Tight End- Max Moore- Newport

Center- Kaleb Raever- Newport

Guard- Jake Tucker- Newport

Guard- Marcus Pavlisick- Newport

Offensive Tackle- David Liulamaga- Newport

Tight End- Brooks Stearns- Philomath

Wide Reciever- Toben Stueve- Philomath

Center- Randy Tipsword- Philomath

Offensive Tackle- Brody Hiner- Philomath

Wide Reciever- Logan Classen- Stayton

Wide Reciever- Lance Hansen- Sweet Home

Offensive Tackle- David McMullen- Sweet Home

Offensive Tackle- Sevin Carson- Sweet Home

Offensive Tackle- Iakona Howerton- Sweet Home

11 td
Logan Classen (11) handing the ball to referee after a touchdown with teammates Sean Bodi (7) and Spencer Gaul (3) coming to celebrate (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Defensive Line Macoy Christman Cascade

Defensive Line Jake Tucker Newport

Defensive Line Joel Miller Sisters

Defensive Line Garret Sandefur Stayton

Linebacker Tanner Stottlemeyer- Newport

Linebacker Nate Virtue- Sweet Home

Linebacker Jake Swanson- Sweet Home

Linebacker Brooks Stearns- Philomath

Defensive Back Casey Tow- Sweet Home

Defensive Back Sean Bodi – Stayton

Defensive Back Jake Whisman- Cascade

Defensive Back Korban Sharp- Sisters

Punter Jake Swanson- Sweet Home

Garrett Sandefur (65) as North Marion lines up on offense (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Defensive Line Hayden McDonald- Sweet Home

Defensive Line Kane Rust- Philomath

Defensive Line Noah Moore- Sweet Home

Defensive Line Johnny Sylvia- Stayton

Linebacker Lucas Fisher- Newport

Linebacker Jordan Bader- Stayton

Defensive Back Elijah Nolan- Cascade

Defensive Back- Michael Lundy- Philomath

Defensive Back Trey Stadeli- Sisters

Defensive Back Justin Piechaty- Newport

Punter Jacon Dobmeier- Newport


Defensive Line- Brandon White- Cascade

Defensive Line TJ Sly- Cascade

Linebacker- Ryan Diehl Cascade

Defensive Back- David Kanoff Cascade

David Kanoff running a route during Cascade’s intrasquad scrimmage in August (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Linebacker Austin Perry Newport

Linebacker Addison Galen Newport

Defensive Back Ashton Sampson Newport

Linebacker Dakota Kantor- Philomath

Defensive Back Calvin Snufferud- Philomath

Defensive Back Jeremy Alston- Philomath

Defensive Line Ethan Martin Sisters

Defensive Line Anthony Randolph Sister

Linebacker Matt Harris Sisters

Defensive Back Garrett Kersavage- Sisters

Punter Hayden Sharp- Sisters

Defensive Back- Spencer Gaul- Stayton

Linebacker- Boe Baxter Sweet Home

Linebacker- Gavin Nichols Sweet Homes

Defensive Line- Levi Baird Sweet Home


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