MVC Football Honors List

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– The 2018 Mountain Valley Conference List has been released with McNary’s Jeff Auvinen being names Coach of the Year and West Salem’s Alex Hurlburt receiving Defensive Player of the Year to go with his first-team honors at Linebacker. The Titans Simon Thompson received Offensive Player of the year to go with his first-team nod at Quarterback and First-team nod at Safety with the Celtics Jacob Jackson.

See the Full List here:


Blake Warner-Mt. View (First Team)

Michael Ridgeway- McNary (First Team)

Andrew Shaw- West Salem (Second Team)

Holden Whipple- West Salem (Second Team)

Guillan Cano- Bend (Second Team)

Cody Phillips- Mt. View (Honorable Mention)

Charlie Davio- Summit (Honorable Mention)

Bryson Kiveit- Sprague (Honorable Mention)


Joshua Schmeltzer- McNary (First Team)

Ashton Adams- South Salem (First Team)

Ashton Adams (left) was named First-team Guard (Picture by Jeremy McDonald)

Joey Koenig- Sprague (Second Team)

Connor Moore- West Salem (Second Team)

Ryan Martini- Mt. View (Honorable Mention)


Eli Larsen- Sprague (First Team)

Ethan Hoppe-West Salem (Second Team)

Nathan Young- McNary (Honorable Mention)

Dylan Gonzales- Summit (Honorable Mention)


Lucas Musgrave- Bend (First Team)

Micah Pugh- West Salem (Second Team)

Shandon Malikowski- Mt. View (Honorable Mention)

Diego Fuimaono- South Salem (Honorable Mention)


Anthony Gould- West Salem (First Team)

Griffin Oliveira- McNary (First Team)

Forest Love- Mt. View (First Team)

Jamal McMurrin- West Salem (Second Team)

Tysen Scott- Bend (Second Team)

Treyden Harris- South Salem (Second Team)

Treyden Harris (13) celebrating with a teammate in their 21-20 win over Sprague on September 21 (Picture by Jeremy McDonald)

Campbell Smith- Summit (Honorable Mention)

Jacob Jackson- McNary (Honorable Mention)

Will Graziani- Summit (Honorable Mention)

Nigel Harris- McNary (Honorable Mention)

Kobe Withers- Sprague (Honorable Mention)


Simon Thompson- West Salem (First Team)

Cooper Simmonds-Bend (Second Team)

Erik Barker- McNary (Honorable Mention)

Henry Bledsoe- Summit (Honorable Mention)

Elijah Enomoto-Haole- South Salem (Honorable Mention)

McNary’s Erik Barker throwing a pass during practice in August (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Jonas Larson- Mt. View (First Team)

Junior Walling- McNary (First Team)

Payton Davis- Bend (Second Team)

Riley Oates- Mt. View (Second Team)


Will Deloretto- Sprague (First Team

Kyla Gordon- West Salem (Second Team)

Jacob Jackson- McNary (Honorable Mention)


Anthony Gould- West Salem (First Team)

Forrest Love- Mt. View (Second Team)



Joshua Schmeltzer- McNary (First Team)

Anthony Pugh- West Salem (First Team)

Lucas Musgrave- Bend (First Team)

Jacob Luna- Sprague (First Team)

Salem Matteis- Mt. View (Second Team)

Daniel McNeely- West Salem (Second Team)

Charlie Davio- Summit (Second Team)

Andrew Shaw- West Salem (Second Team)

Isaac Caldwell- Bend (Second Team)

Riley Oates- Mt. View (Honorable Mention)

Kaden Reidhead- West Salem (Honorable Mention)

Darien Devine- Mt. View (Honorable Mention)

Tristen Guilfoyle- Bend (Honorable Mention)


Junior Walling- McNary (First Team)

Alex Hurlburt- West Salem (First Team)

Alex Hurlburt (right) taking more of a coaching role during West Salem’s annual Kid’s Camp over the summer (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Landon Davis- Sprague (First Team)

Josh Raynak- South Salem (First Team)

Gideon Giles- West Salem (Second Team)

Dyami Rios- McNary (Second Team)

Payton Davis- Bend (Second Team)

Dalton Payfer-Lockling- Mt. View (Second Team)

Titus Schulz- Mt. View (Honorable Mention)

Andrew Ryan-Summit (Honorable Mention)

Kyle Reed- Bend (Honorable Mention)

Noach Bach- McNary (Honorable Mention)

Landon Davis (44) blocking for Chris Sharp during Sprague’s game versus South Salem (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Stanley Green West Salem (First Team)

Nigel Harris McNary (First Team)

Noah Juarez- West Salem (Second Team)

Campbell Smith- Summit (Second Team)

Cade Shields- Bend (Honorable Mention)

Brayden Neuharth- South Salem (Honorable Mention)

Blake DiTuttlio- Summit (Honorbale Mention)

Wiley Roberts- Sprague (Honorable Mention)


Jacob Jackson- McNary (First Team)

Simon Thompson- West Salem (First Team)

Griffin Oliveira- McNary (Second Team)

Nate Denny- Bend (Second Team)

Kobe Withers- Sprague (Second Team)

Jamal McMurrin- West Salem (Honorable Mention)

Morgan Bice- South Salem (Honorable Mention)

Magnus Schmidt- Summit (Honorable Mention)


Tysen Scott- Bend (First Team)

Gannon Bendix- West Salem (Second Team)

Will Deloretto- Sprague (Honorable Mention)

Cameron Houchin- Mt. View (Honorable Mention)

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