Perrydale Gets Back Into Rhythm, South Wasco County Next

By Jeremy McDonald

PERRYDALE, Ore.– It was all about getting back into their routine after their tough loss to St. Paul Saturday at Central High School in the Casco League Conference Championship game.

And as they opened the first-round of the 1A State Playoffs Wednesday night at home, it was like hitting the reset button for Perrydale knowing Saturday’s game was not the end-all-be-all to their season when they swept Mohawk 25-13, 25-13, 25-12 to bounce back to their winning ways.

“We definitely, for our Crosshill (Christian) game before that, we got pumped up and ready to go.  That’s how we prepared for this game, we listened to music, got pumped up and really got warmed up and we were just ready to go,” said Bailey Savage.

Their preparation for this game the two days leading up to it helped settled them in, but the Lady Mustangs would push the Lady Pirates in the third set by cutting a 12-8 deficit down to 12-10.

Perrydale celebrating a point during the third set as the Lady Pirates Sweep Mohawk to start the 1A Playoffs (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

It seemed as if it was just a minor hiccup in the grand scheme of things because Perrydale answered and pushed their lead up to five as Sydney Lawrence guided the ball over the net to make it 16-11 to throw momentum fully back in favor of the Pirates once more in the game.

“Well, we do a lot of practices with things like that.  Like kind of playing a little off, or we’re down and the other team is up and just battle back,” said Lawrence of the regaining of the focus. “So I think of all the practice that we’re able to do that.”

Mohawk got a point back, but Savage made sure it was just that as the sophomore sent a bullet for a point like what her older sister Tristin did at Dallas last year as a senior with Perrydale finishing off the set strongly.

Now with them traveling to South Wasco County for a chance for the Elite 8 in Redmond on November 2 this Saturday.  The Lady Pirates were close last season, losing to Joseph in the Sweet 16 round it’s going to be about how they are going to bring that focus back for another tough challenge in a few days.

“It’s really important because we’ve gone into games not thinking like, ‘oh we’re going to have to work hard for this game’.  Like not thinking about the game for the whole day and coach had already talked to us about that,” said Savage. “Just learn about how to prepare through thinking about it and be focused on the game for the whole day.”

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