MVC Volleyball Honors List

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  Sprague’s Morgan Doll won the Mountain Valley Conference Player of the Year award with Olympian Head Coach Anne Olsen winning Coach of the Year.  Here’s the full MVC  Volleyball Honors List:

Megan Bushell- Bend

Sonna Faulker- Bend

Shay Coons-McKay

Jasmine Martin- Mt. View

Gabby Baker- South Salem

Morgan Doll- Sprague

McKay’s Shay Coons preparing for the ball during practice early in the season.  The Scots Senior received first-team honors (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Bridgette Smith- Sprague

Emily West- Sprague

Tatum Elshire-Summit

Jade Waskom-Summit

Kimmie Bain-West Salem

2nd Team

Izzy Armstrong-Bend

Madi Weisner-Bend

Kara Thomas- McNary

Brooklyn Heinrick- Mt. View

Victoria Stafford-South Salem

Victoria Stafford (14) and Samantha Smyzd (9) looking to the sidelines  during their game at McNary as Stafford received Second-Team All Honors for the MVC (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Caiya Ewert- Sprague

Hannah Sauer-Summit

Sasha Stringer-Summit

Emily Cheavtharn- West Salem


Brooklynn Anderson-Bend
Sarah Cortes- McKay
Giselle Quevedo-McKay
Serena Torres – McKay
Hannah Corp-McNary
Zoie Warner -McNary
Celia Espinoza -Mountain View
Makenna Gales- Mountain View
Brooke Olsen- Mountain View
Laila Leaks -South Salem
Karah Points – South Salem
Izzy Linares – Sprague
Maddy Marlatt – Sprague
Kendall Carlson – Summit
Emily Olson- Summit
Emma Ehlers- West Salem
Kaitlyn Jespersen- West Salem
Acadia Manriquez 12 West Salem

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