McKay’s Liebl Outlast West Salem’s Repp In District Tune-Up

By Jeremy McDonald

KEIZER, Ore.—McKay’s Jazmine Liebl looked smooth running the Keizer Rapids Park course Wednesday afternoon.

Though it was just a 3K, approximately 1.864 miles, the Scots sophomore in her first-year of racing Cross Country built a sizable lead on West Salem’s Ella Repp, entering the second half of the race.

“Every time I heard (Repp’s) footsteps, I speed up so she wouldn’t catch me.  Just make sure I ice and just try to push myself.” Said Liebl, who won the race with a time of 11:20.

Repp, who finished 13th in the Greater Valley Conference District race last season with McNary, said she didn’t have her best stuff as she prepares for the District race next week at Central Oregon Community College.

“It was nice to have a race before Districts, but I wasn’t in my groove today.  I ran afterwards, like a mile or two,” said Repp, who finished second with a time of 11:24.6.  “I just usually look at my mile times, I just didn’t really get to see anything.  I was just suppose to stick with Jazmine.”

Repp’s been hovering around the 20-minute mark this season in the 5K races with a season best 19:56.4 at the Merriweather National Cross Country Classic on September 21, ten seconds off her PR.

Repp’s teammate in Nyana DeBerry was third with a time of 11:51.44 with McKay’s Hanna Caldwell (fourth) and the Scots Sydney Haines finishing fifth in the girl’s race.

McKay’s Ramiro Gonzalez won the guys with a time of 9:39.05 with the Titans Ryan Griffin second with a time of 9:55.42.  West Salem had Spencer Haley (fourth) and Trent Green (fifth) to round out the top ten with Francisco Orta from McNary finishing third in the guy’s race.


Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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