Amity Rolls To 6-0 With 50-14 Win Over Willamina

By Jeremy McDonald

AMITY, Ore.– Amity offensive lineman Robby Scharf said that the Willamina defense was the toughest they’ve faced so far six games into the season.

Their physicality and power the Bulldogs brought gave the Warrior O-Line chances to work Friday against the fourth-ranked Willamina team with number two Rainier next week coming up.

Scharf described Willamina’s defense as ‘A’s and B’s’ on the grade scale of the traditional A-F School grading scales and comparing them to what he’s seen in Rainier, who the Warriors have next Friday on the road.

“Willamina, all across the board a solid defense. Obviously the best defense we’ve played this year, next week is going to be…B’s and A’s, they’re complete A’s,” said Scharf on the Bulldogs and Columbians. “(Rainier) has the best defensive player in the State at defensive tackle in Easton Crape, saying they’re good is an understatement.”

Rainier came to life in the second half against Dayton to win 32-8 as both Amity and the Columbians are 6-0 on the season.

Tyler Parr (4) dropping back to throw as Parr went four-for-five with a touchdown in the first half (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The combination of Brian Hatch and ‘Wild Wild’ West Streeter alone combined for 203 yards on 21 carries in the first half alone while Tyler Parr was four-for-five passing as Amity led 24-7 entering the Homecoming Halftime Break with Willamina picking up some steam entering the second half.

“We came into this game, we thought they’re going to be really physical and coming in they were,” said Hatch who had 98 first-half yards and 110 yards on 14 carries. “Our lineman did a really good job blocking, opening holes for us to cut back and stuff. But overall they were a physical team, you had to earn your yards. You didn’t just get them.

“This game is a good game for us to see what next week is going to be. They’re big in the front and they’re physical. We just need to do what we did tonight and we’ll get through it.”

Willamina’s Austin Watkins looking on during the second half of Friday’s game as the Bulldog defense allowed 50 points while only producing 14 points (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

In the second half, the Warrior offense rolled as Streeter scored from 20 and 35 yards with the Senior tacking on six more carries for 76 yards and Cody Dyche had a one-yard score to go with his 32 second-half yards on five carries as the offense produced 50 points. It was Amity’s third 50-point performance of the year with the team at 6-0 on the season.

“They were good at executing them,” said starting Bulldogs safety and quarterback Kaleb Reid on Amity’s running game. “It was hard I’m not going to lie. It was a dogfight, we had our chances and we should have taken it, but we’re going to comeback stronger.”

Willamina, who’s scored at least 20 points in each of their first four games, only produced 14 off of a Reid one-yard score in the second quarter and Ruben Rizo kickoff return for a score in the fourth quarter as the lone strikes for the Bulldogs Friday.

And with Taft next Friday before traveling to Rainier, this upcoming week is a good chance for Willamina to get back on track at 4-2.

“I think it’s going to take this knockdown, we were riding high and I could tell in practices,” said Reid. “And now that we’ve hit this stumbling block, we definitely know where we’re going to work on and stuff we’re going to work on. So I think we’re going to comeback stronger.”

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