West Salem Girls Soccer Slips By South Salem 1-0

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.— With injuries in the back third, the South Salem Girls Soccer team had a lot of work ahead of them Friday afternoon when they hosted West Salem before the start of the Varsity Football game a few hours ahead of them.

But, the Saxons Anna Burger and company stepped up to the challenge as the Lady Titans offense pushing them sporadically throughout the game as they man the ship while they heal up as a team.

“We have a lot of defenders injured right now, so our backline…I don’t know, we’ve been doing well with what we have.  So I feel like when we have those players better, we can really elevate it up,” said Burger.  “I think they did great, Maddie Bingham has been killing it.  She used to be a midfielder, but she’s really been killing it and keeping us solid.  So, I feel like we have a good future ahead of us.”

South’s Anna Burger looking on during the second half of Friday’s game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

With both teams at 1-0 in Mountain Valley Conference-play, both squads waited for their turns to see if they could break the 0-all tie entering the second half.  That’s when West Salem broke the scoreless tie with Madison McDougal connected on a goal inside the box to hand the Titans a 1-nil lead in the 43rd minute of play.

As frustrating as it was to get so close prior to the goal and there after as Burger made a few nice saves and her defense challenged West Salem to beat them in other ways, that one goal was nice to get one to call.

“It was very frustrating that we didn’t have more goals,” starts McDougal about the offense and the importance of her goal.  “It was very crucial because we needed a goal or they could have gotten one and it could have changed the game if they did.”

South Salem had their opportunities down the stretch to tie things up, but couldn’t get past the Titan defense before time expired in the 1-0 West Salem win.

The Saxons will look to bounce back versus McNary at 7pm and the Titans host Mountain View Tuesday at 4pm.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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