Tough Start To League, Bend Friday

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–Katie Satre changed up her lineup in the final 20 minutes of the game versus Mountain View by going with a 4-3-4 lineup with Steffani Rodriguez and Jackie Macias up front.

Down 3-0, a spark energy-wise was needed as the Lady Scots looked to try to claw their way back into the game and put pressure on the Lady Cougars.

“Starting off league like this is not good for us, our preseason games we’ve been doing really, really well and to start off conference…league games like this, it’s a tough one and hopefully the girls can comeback from this,” said Satre. “We switched up the formation to go with a 3-4-3, which I’ve never done because I usually go defense heavy.

“I put some hard hitters up front and they usually can finish almost anything at are at their feet. I think they had their opportunities, it was just difficult. It was frustrating but I knew they could put it away if we had another 20 minutes, we would have came back from that.”

Anita Lao fielding the ball as the McKay midfielder tries to advance it up field Tuesday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

During the final 20 of the game, McKay pressured the Mountain View defense but couldn’t land a decisive goal or two as their defense gave them opportunities to try to get on the board down the stretch.

Satre talked about how they had three good teams right off the bat to start league with the Cougs, Bend and then Summit before traveling to McNary next Friday at face the Salem-side of the league schedule and how they needed to carry this momentum from a 2-3-2 preseason into league. And with Wednesday and Thursday coming up to prepare for the undefeated Lava Bears and the squad healing up from injuries, it’s going to be important for McKay to gear it back up for the next two games.

“For some reason we play better away than we do at home. So I think that’s going to be good for them,” said Satre. “A three-hour bus ride, team-bonding, team-building, hanging out I think it’s going to be a good thing for them and maybe we can bring that energy onto the field and become that family that we need to be on the field.”

As for that formation they introduced to Mountain View to Bend, it all depends what the Lava Bears show them Friday afternoon in Bend.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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