Learning From Saturday

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  Following a solid pool play that saw two ties and a tough loss to Harrisburg, Amity entered bracket play in the Silver Division versus the 11th-ranked team in the Greyhounds from Gaston looking to shake off some rust from waiting around for about three-hours leading up to the game.

After a tough first set that saw errors hurt the Lady Warriors, but the bounced back in to start in the second set with a 6-2 lead following a Hannah Hatch hit resulting in the Amity point.

Gaston got the game back to within one at 6-5 before the Warriors made it a 10-5 game.

“It feels nice to fight back, the energy was kind of low but we started to pick up the energy , it feels really nice,” said Maylin Williams of the early lead.

Allyssa Plummer (5) looking on as they ball was being put into play (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

But the biggest thing that was Amity’s Achilles Heel was their communication.  Communicating where the ball was and moving it around led to missed opportunities as Gaston clawed back into the game and it hovered at tie around 11-11 and 13-13 before the Greyhounds pulled away in the second set to complete the two-set sweep of the Warriors.

The communication for this young team is something that they can work on moving forward as they face Salem Academy (4-5) Tuesday on the road and host rival Dayton (0-6) Thursday.

“Communication, we got to learn to keep talking even when we’re down,” said Gabby Rolston.

“I think we were all were very tired, because it was towards the end of the day and we played a lot of games so we have to have the endurance and the perseverance and the fight to get through it,” adds Williams on grinding through the adversity of a long-day or game.

First serve versus the Crusaders is at 6pm.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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