Amity Holds Off Gervais’ Push For First Win

By Jeremy McDonald

GERVAIS, Ore.–  Both Gervais and Amity Girls Soccer had their chances entering the second half to break the scoreless tie with their dynamic duos of the Lady Cats Alexys Zepeda and Judith Santos versus the Lady Warriors Keeley Graham and Jenna Lopez at the offensive attacking side of the ball.

Lopez would give Amity a 1-nil lead in the 50th minute with them to cushion their lead driving down the field moments later with Gervais breathing down their necks looking for the tie and their second goal of the season.

But it was around the 55th minute or so, while shadowing the ball on defense, the Cougars Yesenia Ruiz suffered a scary head injury that stopped the game for about 10 minutes as everyone made sure that the Junior was ok.

Her teammates were concerned for her, but as Ruiz was being carried off the field to the sidelines to wait for medical assistant, her teammates used it as motivation as they dug deep in trying to find a way for their teammate.

“I got scared at first, I didn’t know she got hit that hard and after I saw blood, I just panicked a little.  Just tried to help her the best I can,” said Zepeda.  “We just tried our hardest, but I guess we couldn’t make it.”

Jenna Lopez (10) looking on as the Amity junior waits for the ball to be thrown in.  Lopez scored the lone goal in the game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Amity, from the midfielders on back to the goalie, they picked up their intensity to ensure that the game will not be tied if not worse as both teams’ looking for their first win of the 2018 season.

“We just had to pressure and not fall back on them.  Just like you saw, the right side we just needed to clear to the other side to get an advantage on the defense,” said Graham of their defense and taking advantage of their offensive opportunities.

Once in a while the Warriors would get a drive downfield for their offense, taking advantage of what the Lady Cats were giving them, but most of the last 20 minutes were spent in the majority of the remainder of the second half at around midfield into Amity territory.  But the Warriors held Gervais off for the 1-0 win for Amity’s first win of the season Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s nice but let’s just see if we can keep on going.  We can, we just got to put it to our heads and really push it against other teams,” said Graham.  “We can use this to show that we can win and we can do it.  That we just need to put our minds to it and just really focus on the fundamentals to score in a game.”

The 1-0 game was the closest game of the year next to their 2-0 loss to Salem Academy/Crosshill Christian back on Thursday as they will use the motivation of fighting for their fallen teammate in Ruiz and the momentum from this game into their game against Taft Thursday on the road.

“We’re going to try to remember her, try to fight for her.  Do our best and try to win this Thursday.  We’re going to practice tomorrow and get ready,” said Zepeda.


Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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