Santiam JV Pulls Away From Gervais JV In 2 Quarter Game

By Jeremy McDonald

GERVAIS, Ore.—The two-quarter Junior Varsity game between Gervais and Santiam had all the workings to be an back-and-forth battle with the Wolverines JD Hakanson and the Cougars Jeremiah ‘Jerry’ Studer.

Hakanson got Santiam on the board first up 8-0 before Studer answered with a strike but Gervais couldn’t get the point after to be successful as they were down 8-6 after each team’s first possession of the game.

The Cougs defense had a good defensive stand and started to piece together a nice little drive behind a Studer run and two Auggie Guido receptions to set themselves up in the red-zone. Studer had a 12-yard scamper that could have gave the Gervais squad a lead, but a holding call hurt the drive as they turned the ball back over to the Wolverines.

“The lineman were getting pushes, like I was able to run the ball and I actually scored my first touchdown ever today,” smiled the Gervais running back in Studer. “It was pretty nice honestly, it feels really nice.”

Jeremiah Studer (ball-carrier) running up field during the first quarter of Monday’s game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

All the Cougars kids playing Monday are also on the Gervais Varsity squad as all but two players are seniors on this seasons squad with the bulk of the roster are freshman and sophomores, so the extra reps help when they go to the Varsity games Friday nights.

“For me, it gave me more practice,” starts Studer. “It made me, I don’t know…more reps basically with live and not just practice and for the other Varsity players too. Like (Gervais Head Football Coach Josh) Crawford was saying, it’s a live practice pretty much.”108

For the Wolverines, it was too live practice as their Varsity guys back in Mill City practice for Friday’s game as they prepare for the Cougars said Hakanson as the sophomore broke a 95-yarder with Santiam to extending their lead to 24-6 by games end and got an interception to keep Gervais from duplicating their first two drives Monday afternoon.

“It was nice to have our younger quarterbacks running the read-option and just getting better at it,” said Hakanson on his Santiam team Monday. “Our lineman just getting better at it with their blocks and knowing what to do. It’s a good game. Getting these younger guys reps and so they’re ready for if we do have and injury or something so that they’re ready to go on Friday nights.”

Kick-off at the Varsity level is at 7pm.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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