McKay’s Macias Scores Four As Scots-Dallas Opens Season

By Jeremy McDonald

DALLAS, Ore.–  It was probably the best start that McKay could ask for to start the 2018 season against Dallas on the road Tuesday afternoon.

Both the Lady Scots and the Dragons started their seasons Tuesday on the grassy fields at Withworth Elementary School, and both were off to slow starts to the game before McKay struck first in the 15th minute from Jackie Macias.

Macias and company pressured Dallas’ midfielders and backline with them leading 4-nil by halftime with Macias (two), Erika Figueroa (one) and Angelina Garcia (one) all scored for the Scots.

“We came in a little slow and we saw them and we picked it up and it gave us more changes to score goals.  I’m really excited to see how we’re going to do this season,” said Macias, who scored four goals in the game Tuesday.

But, the Lady Dragons contested the aggressive playstyle that McKay came out swinging with to start the game by matching that aggression to start the second half.

Jasmine Contrerras (2) after scoring her goal Tuesday afternoon (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Senior Jasmine Contreras pointed out in years past while she’s been on Varsity, they’ve always been more of a second half team as Contreras cut the 4-0 score to 4-1.  Callista Kiner set the offensive tempo leading up to, and following the Contreras goal with Dallas keeping McKay on their toes to start the second half.

“We always do better in the second halves, we always have a team talk in-between it’s really nice and it build our spirits,” said Contreras.  “We don’t have very many players and so the break is super nice for us and we always try to support each other, and so when we get back on the field we’re all pumped and ready to go.”

With a few new faces on the squad since their senior heavy team back in 2016, the Dragons have been slowly getting the new faces up to par with the Varsity game.

Callista Kiner (13) and McKay’s Ana Cardona (2) going after a ball (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Contreras added too, that her senior class this season need to step up and help develop the new faces as they progress through the non-league play and practice entering league.

“Us seniors, we take them on and we teach them the game and we teach them what we do so that in later games, they don’t make the same mistakes as they do in these earlier pre-(season) games,” said Contreras with Dallas traveling to Crook County next Tuesday before hosting Liberty (Sept. 10) and traveling to Southridge (Sept. 18).  “We know we’ll do better later in the season because most of us are new.  We’ll go over the stuff from this game and we’ll focus on that stuff and we’ll go up from there.  Going after the 50/50 balls is what we’re probably going to work on the most.”

Macias would answer Contreras with her Hat Trick goal seconds later and got the plus-one to make it a 6-1 game as McKay finished Tuesday’s game with a 7-1 win over Dallas with North Salem coming across town Thursday to McKay High School.

“We had to go in a little stronger, harder.  We saw how hard it was going in for the balls.  Even though we took the win, we can work harder to be better in the next game.  Using what we did here, take it to the next game and improve,” said Macias on that second half push by Dallas. “We did good on moving, but I feel like we can do a little better on moving and passing.  So once we pass better and just moving, and just communicating.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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