Taking The Next Step

SALEM, Ore.– At the 1A level, its interesting to see how teams come-and-go through the years. But there can be a lot of familiarity with returners as well.

During the past three years since their fourth-place finish at the 1A level, Perrydale’s slowly been getting back to that point having reached the second-round of the 1A playoffs in 2017 with three seniors on the team before bowing out to Joseph in four sets to end their season.

And though they’ve lost Isley Burns, Jackie Juarez and Abigail Bibler to graduation entering this season, they do return a young core with a little bit more experience after going 23-7 entering this season.

“We had three really good seniors, but we still have the reminders that we have now. We have freshman coming up now, they’re going to be good so we have a pretty solid team this year,” said Sydney Lawerence.

With Kenzy Lawerence, Alyssa Lux, Sydney Perkins, Sydney Oak, Nathalie Juarez, Dakota Lawerence, Naomi Cruickshank and Megan Freeborn who all were on the Varsity roster returning, there is one new face that sticks out.

Perrydale meeting as a team following their second game of the jamboree (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

At six-foot-two, she looks like her older sister who’s four-inches taller and is a freshman on the UCLA Volleyball team this season, but Bailey Savage is only a sophomore as Savage transferred from Dallas High School out to Perrydale after her family moved into the area entering this school year.

“It’s not that different because the girls are so open and nice,” said a shy Savage. “I’m really excited to play with them and stuff.”

With the squad opening the season with some Jamboree action at Western Christian, formerly Western Mennonite, the Lady Pirates are slowly finding their groove when they defeated Yamhill-Carlton in the one-set action against the Lady Tigers with the regular season starting Friday at Country Christian.

“It’s a lot better because in the beginning, we do have younger players playing in and it’s hard to mix, but that’s what we’re doing right now. The first few games were a little off, but by that third game we did pretty good. We came back and beat YC after the loss that we had against them, and so I think we’re blending a little better.”said Lawerence as Perrydale tips off against Days Creek at 11am, Prairie City at 2pm and Crane at 4pm as they were going to use that last game of the jamboree as a good leaping stone towards the start of the season.

“To improve on our talking and know where we’re suppose to be and everything, just the basics,”


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