First Game-Like Action Of The Year To Close Out Blue Day

By Jeremy McDonald

KEIZER, Ore.– As the seventh-annual Blue Day progressed and the McNary Soccer teams handed off to the freshman football team, inside the gym the Lady Celtics Volleyball team were scrimmaging in preparation for their jamboree on Thursday at McKay High School.

The scrimmage, allowed McNary to see how they can improved entering for their next round of live game-like action.

“Maybe talking, we could improve on talking but I think we’re a really good team and we just got to come out our shell a little bit,” said Taylor Ebbs on how they could improve moving into the second week of practice.  “It was good, it kind of got the nerves out a little bit before season.  It was nice to see what we can improve on definitely and who works well with each other and how much team work we have and the coaching.  So it was really nice.”

The Volleyball jamboree starts at 6:30pm.

McNary’s Volleyball scrimmaged inside during Saturday’s Blue Day Festivites (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

When the Volleyball was wrapping up, the Junior Varsity took over for the freshman before the Varsity took over with this years Seniors being introduced in front of the home crowd before the start of their scrimmage

“It’s cool, it puts into perspective that this is the last season.  So I’m excited for it,” said Jacob Jackson, who was one of the seniors honored in the ceremony before the scrimmage.

Junior Walling scored the first touchdown in the scrimmage with him breaking through the line with the Junior exploding towards and into the endzone on the opening go-around for the number one offense with their defense flying around challenging their scout offense.

“We got a great stout defense which makes us look good, it’s great.  Scout O, helps us and I think it’ll be a good help for us to go against the next teams and Beaverton I think,” said Walling.  “I think we’ll be ready for that, the coaching staff, getting our offense in is looking great and they’re going to put together a great game plan to be prepared.”

The Varsity Football Team wrapped up Blue Day and showcased what the team is looking like so far a week into the official start of the year (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Jackson scored the second and final touchdown in the scrimmage from the air as the Celtics go back to the film room with some game film and game action to see how they can improve before going up to Beaverton for their jamboree Friday.

Walling said they’re going to approach it as a ‘Game Week’ as they are now a week away from actually going through that procedure here in two weeks going into their North Medford game.  Jackson agrees too that they need to amp it up if they want to go as far as they want to live up to how good they know they can be.

“It’s extremely crucial, we got to ramp up the intensity our practices if we want to be as good as we want to be,” said Jackson.




Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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