McKay’s Senior Heavy Class Looking To Leave Mark

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  The summer time for Fall Sports can serve as a good momentum swing for the Fall season.

The McKay Volleyball team, who are returning Varsity starters like Jasmin Zaragoza, Reina Garcia and Shay Coons and entered the first week of Fall Camp and try-outs with seven seniors in the gym, the Scots battled through the adversity of dropping a game along the way to the Summer League Title as they enter the first week of camp in 2018.

Coons said that being able to build some confidence entering the season in getting familiarized with bouncing back from a tough play, set or game.

“That’s just been a thing for us is that when we lose, we kind of stay down.  So I feel like it’s making an impact entering into this season is off of being resilient, fighting past those losses.  So I feel like that’s a good example of how we can do this season,” said Coons.

“We don’t really let it affect us, I feel like we learn from it.  Our coach especially Scott (Coons), he’s really a good coach and he’s just make sure we’re always upbeat,” adds incoming senior Danica Cheremnov.

McKay Head Coach Scott Coons talking through a drill Tuesday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

As try-outs are coming to an end Wednesday at McKay High School, Coons was talking it up on the court during some light scrimmages with her and her fellow seniors, her fellow teammates are getting reps in preparation for the season to come; either physical like Coons is doing or mental like Cheremnov is on the sidelines as the seniors look to leave a lasting legacy for the underclassmen for when they are gone after this season.

“Leading by example is really important this year, especially with the younger girls because once our class is gone, they’re really going to have to step up,” said Cheremnov who suffered a lower leg injury last week entering try-outs as she’ll get the boot off Thursday. “So, for us to show them what we can do and what potentially they can do when they are older, it’s really important.”

For Cheremnov, she too touched based with what Coons said about how summer league bracket-play taught them to be resilient as she said that they got better everyday as they enter the second night of practice working on setting, passing and sending hard hit balls to the other side for their teammates to try to block or try to keep from hitting the ground Tuesday evening.

McKay going through a drill during Tuesday evening’s practice (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

With the season starting with the jamboree on August 23 and their first game of the season against league-opponent Bend on August 30, the freshman and sophomore Scotsmen gathered around where the seniors were about half-an-hour before practice ended as the seniors took turns to demonstrate a drill that Head Coach Coons wanted to be ran before the end of Tuesday evenings practice.

The underclassmen watched as Shay Coons, Garcia, Zaragoza and the girls on right hand side of the court took demonstrated the drill as they hope to help McKay as one this season.

“I think we have a lot of young people and since we have such a big senior class, we’re going to need to leave that behind because we don’t have that many juniors coming up that can be those leaders really, so we got to have the younger kids know how to do it,” said Coons.




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