McNary Football Opens Fall Practice

By Jeremy McDonald

KEIZER, Ore.–  With team camp in the rear-view mirror and the countdown to the season officially on, the McNary Celtic Football team opened their first day of Fall Practice as the sun was barely over the Cascade’s to the East of the High School Monday morning.

By 8am, McNary was on the turf field looking to carry the momentum from last week’s camp into Monday morning’s practice, but you could tell that they were shaking off the rust as they went to work.

“Honestly, after Fall Camp, bringing in the energy from Football Camp over to practice is really important just to keep the team excited to make sure we’re not lackadaisical, lazy or anything,” said offensive and defensive lineman Ian Koenig.  “I think this practice was a little rough because I think it was early and it’s with helmets and we’re not use to it, we just got to keep it up.”

But hey, it’s the first practice out of the gate and it’s just laying the foundation for the second practice later Monday and having another wake-it-up, crank-it-up 8am practice Tuesday again with many more practices left before their jamboree at Beaverton next Friday and their season and home-opener on August 31 versus North Medford as the Celtics slowly got into a little bit of a groove by practice’s end.

“Tonight, everyone is going to be more energized, they’re going to be a lot more hyped, a lot more people flying around.  Then hopefully that can carry over into tomorrow morning and the rest of the week,” said Erik Barker as practice ended with 10 50-yard sprints after getting done with offense.  “So we just got to get up ready to go and just get ready to work hard.”

McNary’s second practice Monday is at 6pm and runs until 9pm.


Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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