Looking For Redemption

By Jeremy McDonald


TURNER, Ore.–Ethan Coffeey is calling this season a redemption-like season for the Cascade Football Cougars entering 2018.

After their early departure in 2017 in the first-round, Cascade with some new faces stepping up will help fill the shoes of those recently graduated seniors in Quinn Legner and Louie Sanchez.

“You know, winning league is a big goal for us to set and we’re just going to go as fair as we can from there.  Last year we made it to the first-round, we’re just going to try to make it as far as we can and I feel like we can.  I feel like we have a tough team this year,” said Coffeey.

“We just seem to be working hard everyday and treat everyday like we’re going to try to win a Championship so it’ll be really fun this year,” adds Elijah Nolan, who’s taking over the starting QB position from Legner.  It’s a big role to fill especially after last year with how good of a job Quinn did, but we also have a lot of other great leaders on this team.  So I’m thankful it doesn’t fall on me and it’ll definitely going to help me out along the way,”

With guys like Legner and Sanchez left this years senior class and underclassmen with a standard to live up to as they look to make another deep 4A playoffs after their fight to stay in the 4A classification over the past few months starting with the senior class with guys like Devin Privratsky and Kyle McAlister.

“Focusing on the little things.  Making sure your always bringing people up instead of letting people down, we’re really good with that, we stay together as a family and I think that’s going help with the younger guys feeling more confident  that a lot of people have their back,” said McAlister.  “So if we make a mistake, we can pick them up and if we’re down they can pick us up.”

“They helped us teach us what leadership looks like on-and-off the field, they’re just really inspiring and it’s something that we all can try to inspire to be,” adds Nolan.

Elijah Nolan throwing a pass during a drill during Monday afternoon’s practice (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

As their afternoon practice progressed, and the team went from sprints to offensive and defensive drills for practice, they’ll be showcasing how they have progressed this week this Friday for the annual Black-and-Gold day at 7pm.  For seniors like McAlister, it’s a nice little start to their final season in the Cougar colors.

“It’s nice to be finally to play a game, but it’s just a little stressful that you have to hit each other but it’s going to be nice showing our parents what we have done,” said McAlister.


Photos by Jeremy McDonald

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