Building Off Of 2017

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.–  The summer was a great way for the Stayton Lady Eagles Girls Soccer team not to build some momentum from their second place finish in their summer league play  but to bridge last season’s success to 2018.

“It was a good feeling, it felt good to win and put the Stayton Girls name out there since it wasn’t really out there.  Now, they better be ready for us,” said Valeria Navarro who’s returning from injury that had her miss her junior season.

For Navarro’s class, the senior class, they’ve seen two playoff appearances in their first three years under two different coaches.  And for their senior season, they are entering their final season with their third head coach and returning a lot of players.

But, with the summertime these girls, new or returning, got familiar and comfortable together for when Devin Holmes came into the Head Coach-role this season.

“I think it’s been good because we’ve been playing all summer, so it’s not like we haven’t been off playing (away from the team),” said Silvia Gomez.  “So I think we’ve adjusted to him, he’s a really good coach.  But overall it’s been good.”

“I’m really excited for how this season is going to go because the practices we’re doing are really well and I’m just super excited.  It’s senior year,” adds Navarro.

Besides Navarro and Gomez, Stayton’s returning girls like Ariana Aceves, Izaland Samuell, Alli and KJ Nyquist, Mackenzie and Kaylee Plata.  Alyssa Smart returns for her second soccer season and Kylie Fisk returns as well as the Lady Eagles will look to build from their 7-7-1 and first-round appearance with the season starting on August 24 versus McLoughlin at 1pm.

Smart talked about how the comradery plus the energy that Holmes is bringing in will help them in that process of building for this upcoming season.

“I think the only thing we need to focus on is new coach, new system.  That’s the only thing that is different to us, so it makes it a little bit more easier but also harder too because we have to adapt to new situations as well,” said Smart. “We are a lot more excited, there is a lot of new people that kind of got put into.  So now that it’s our second-year together, I think we’re a lot more comfortable and I think we can do good this year if we just keep staying comfortable with each other.”


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