Having Fun Before The Work Begins

By Jeremy McDonald


AURORA, Ore.–  With the preseason camp wrapping up with their fifth and final day of the camp Friday evening on the practice field next to the North Marion Softball Fields, first-year Huskie Head Football Coach Keith Bennett decided to change things up the by letting the kids play a little PE-like game called Huskie Ball

“They worked hard all week and they deserve it and that’s the thing,” starts Keith Bennett. “You got to keep things fun otherwise, especially with the first two days of doubles coming up and everything, everything is going to really drag so we got to do this every once in a while to keep the excitement  and fun.  As long as they work hard and give effort, then they deserve it and we’ll do it.”

After they got done warming up, the squad was split up into two separate teams with the premise of tag and in a way Rugby in playing style.  If you’re tagged, you have five seconds to throw it or it’ll be a turnover in an attempt to score in the game with North Marion trying to unwind just in time for when the Fall Practice season kicks-off on Monday.

“Oh it was real fun, since we’ve been at it for four days it was nice to just have some fun,” said Noah Wiestera during one of the water breaks during the fun little game as they took a break from learning Coach Bennett’s system.  “We’re just learning as we go.  Most of the stuff that we are learning is new, we got a ways to go.”

Noah Wienstra (center) goofing off as the squad was split up into two separate teams Friday evening (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

But the work will be on the wayside just for a tad longer Friday as after the ‘halftime’ water break, the teams were re-selected and they played another round.  They laughed and joked around as a team just to lighten up the environment before finishing up Friday’s camp with some light serious work as they will open up Fall practice Monday at 6pm.

“We worked hard this week and it’s fun to come out and enjoy it for the end of camp, and we’re looking forward to getting serious again next week.  Working hard,” said Brady Hansen towards the end of the session Friday. “I think we’re ready run.  We’ve had a really good week of practice this week and then we’re going to come out and work hard next week and we got a couple of practices left.”

With their game versus Stayton moved up to Thursday at 7pm, it brings Game Day just one day closer for North Marion as they are now under two weeks to go until they travel down the Five and Highway 22 to open the 2018 season against a old conference opponent in the Eagles.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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