Amity Closes Out Summer Training

By Jeremy McDonald

AMITY, Ore.–  With their preseason and summer training wrapping up Thursday in their home gym, the Amity Warriors Volleyball team will be looking to replace six seniors as Katelyn Rolston takes full control of the program after the departure of Katie Stearns this past offseason.

With the summer training starting, they found themselves scrimmaging against a team or two over the summer to give the girls some exposure as a unit as they about to embark on the 2018 season.  Rolston mentioned about how 12 girls were there over the summertime putting in the work and were eager to put in the work.

“They’re really scrappy, I’m really excited to see what happens.  We’re young, but with that youngness we’re pick up a lot so that’s exciting,” said Rolston. “It was good competition, you got girls who wanted to play. They get off work and bust over and get a set in, they wanted to get something in.  So it was nice seeing that dedication to wanting to play.”

Allyssa Plummer going up to block a ball during a intrasquad scrimmage (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

During the last day of the camp, the girls began by splitting up into pairs as they passed and set a ball into the side-basketball hoops as they start Thursday’s session before going with a four-set intrasquad scrimmage for the majority part of the final session before heading into the start of the Fall Season Monday afternoon.

This week, like this summer, has given Rolston an opportunity to look at the team as a whole as she kept the team as a whole instead of splitting them off into JV and Varsity squads too soon with the incoming freshman coming in and the underclassmen making sure their upperclassmen are being kept on their toes.

“We want them to fight and I think a bunch of those freshman girls are putting it out there and it’s going to make it hard for our upperclassmen to keep their spots,” said Rolston.  “They are their own best competition.  If you want us to win, you have to push your own teammates to want to win and want to push beyond that.  I don’t want it to be us three as coaches, I want them to be able to coach themselves and help each other become better players because the more eyes you have, the better you will become with helping what’s going on and what’s going wrong.

“And they do a good job of helping each other and they know from Day 1, that your spot is not safe, but you’re not guaranteed playing time.  You fight every single game, I sit on JV games and watch JV games.  We practice together as a whole as a program to keep that competitiveness going.  So they bring that competitiveness within themselves.”

As they end the camp session with some fun games in the final 20 minutes, the real work begins Monday when they start preparation for their first game of the season against Sheridan on August 28 at Sheridan and having Taft come to town as their home opener on August 30 at Amity High School.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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