Wrapping Up Training For July

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  As they wrap up their last workout and conditioning session prior to the week off to close out the month of July, McKay Head Coach Josh Riddell wanted to put his football players up for some competition with the tug-of-war to end not just the workout off right, but the week and the month off right.

Leo Figueroa talked about how this class, the incoming senior class, are going to have to step up their game when they return from the week off to start August leading up to their first game of the season on August 31 versus West Albany.

“It’s pretty fun competition,” said Figueroa., who’s tug-of-war team finished second in the tug-of-war event.  “We’re looking pretty good, our defense is young but we have to keep working, the seniors have to step up and be leaders.  It’s going to be important because our team is young, we’re still learning and since we’ve been here with the rest of the seniors we have to know what we have to do.”

Some of the McKay Football athletes taking part in Thursday evening’s Tug-of-War

They got some extra work in afterwards with footwork and the like, but in the final four reps of the day, some of the little kids that were floating around got an opportunity to line up with the High School kids and had an opportunity to let the coach’s kids run mock plays to bond the current High School players with the youngsters.

“It was a lot of fun seeing them, but it was more fun to watch their faces and their excitement they had,” said Caleb Parksion, who was slinging and handing off to the kids out with them.  “That was all that was about, so that was a lot of fun to see that.”

“It’s amazing, these kids are the future of McKay and you just want to make them have a fun time so they know what it’s going to be like when they come up,” adds Zair Ku Beiza, who carried one of the kids on his shoulders for a moment or two after practice.


Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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