First Two Days As A Parent

By Jeremy McDonald

The past day-and-a-half since Natalie’s birth, I’ve been approached by people asking me about her and wondering why I was away from my wife Amber and my newborn child.

Part of the reason was because I wanted to give them an opportunity to relax and heal up, Amber has bad anxiety when it comes to procedure and was stressing out since the C-Section was scheduled on Friday (yes the 13th, Natalie’s totally healthy and happy even though she’s super fussy haha).  I supported her through it and just wanted to give her a chance to hangout and relax without people around her.

Another reason was this, when Natalie was five hours old and she was stable, I went over to the Withnell Dodger game to give Amber a chance to hangout and chill and here’s my second point:  I care about the kids as well.

Natalie after her first bath Friday night

Someone pointed out to me during the Keizer Crusher-Post 20 Dirtbag game Saturday afternoon that I agree with, this community, the kids and families are like an extended part of my family.  Here’s why, because I care about the people I’ve gotten to know the last three years and I feel like I’ve built a bond with everyone that I just wanted to come out and support them like everyone has for me through these past few years and hope to share this journey with you guys as open as I can be.

I know I’m unorthodox as a writer and that’s why certain other local journalist, I believe, don’t like how open I am.  But hey, I rather spend space talk about myself as well as the kids I cover because I feel like that’s fair.  I think journalism has to become that and not this ‘hitman’ approach of the same three questions and you’ll never see me again.

I went back to Salem Hospital, room 4502, to see Amber and Natalie after I got done at the Lineman Challenge and the American Legion Game.  Natalie got a few shout-outs at the Withnell Dodger and Post 20 Dirtbags games, thanks to those who did it I don’t want to name bomb anyone without them being ok with it first haha.

Me with Natalie after running around Hillsboro and Monmouth, still trying to get the holding thing down haha

I told Natalie about it while talk sports to Amber with me holding her in a chair.  I hope she plays sports and I’ll tell her she doesn’t have to do an interview if she doesn’t absolutely want to as she enjoys her athletic career.  She has blueish-green eyes and saw them real quick before I went home to try to help out clean up our house before Natalie comes home either Sunday or Monday (we’re hoping Monday).  She’s settled down a little bit since Friday and we’re hoping it continues moving forward, especially after that first night haha.  But we’ll wait and see.

I’ll continue to do what I am doing by supporting the community that I have slowly called my own since I moved up here in the summer of 2015 while sharing this journey with Natalie and showing her what’s going on.  I just wanted to spend a post about this real quick two days-in and I hope to have Natalie out by the end of the Winter Season or Spring Season depending on how she’s looking, I don’t want to push her into it too soon haha.

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  1. LaDonna Pollard says:

    She is beautiful.. So happy for you.

  2. LaDonna Pollard says:

    She is beautiful..

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