Reflecting On The Third Year

By Jeremy McDonald

It seems as if every year, since that first-year I started the site back during the 2015-2016 school year, I sit here and think about another year come and gone and doing one of these post.  I remember that first summer, the Summer of 2016, sitting in my apartment in Wilsonville (this was about a few months before getting the house Amber and I got in Keizer) and was surprised little bit success I had and how grateful I was then about having an opportunity to find some way to continue my writing career after moving up here from writing in the Sacramento-area.

I thought when I moved up here my two-years writing constantly for a few weeklies in California would have helped me get a sniff, but no luck as I only got one chance with a paper when I first moved up here before I started the site about two months after moving up.

My plan was always to do the best I can and hopefully make an impact somehow.  A few human-like mistakes along the way makes sense, no writer is ever perfect and, in my opinion, if you think your perfect step aside and teach the younger guys coming up through the ranks and let them take over.

Last year and this year I gained more traction and people noticing the work I was doing.  I stayed grateful, just thinking ‘hey, this is what I’ve been doing since I was writing in California’.  People are still surprise the mileage I put on, (about 250 is a rough guess a week when I’m not road-tripping it to Boise or Medford haha), but I know it’s just part of the game.

It doesn’t matter if it’s across the street to McNary for me or 30/45 minutes to North Marion, Dallas, Perrydale, Mill City, Turner, Dayton, etc. everyone deserves some form of attention.  Just the little things like “so-and-so threw 5 TD’s’ on a Facebook post to an article on a squad could be bragging rights for a kid for an hour or two instead of their hard work going unnoticed.

And as I’m entering my third Summer doing the site, I’m still as grateful as I was when I first started the site in October of 2015 as I am now in June of 2018 and I’m appreciative through all the support that everyone’s given me through the time I’ve been doing this.

I still can’t believe I’ve made it this far in a short-amount of time and I hope I don’t get too ahead of myself in the future to come as I get ready to gear up for another great summer ahead and a Fall sports season here in a few weeks.

I’m hoping to continue doing this and what I’m doing for the years to come, but I’m waiting and seeing how everything turns out when Natalie arrives next month and go from there.  I’m going to give it another year and see what happens when she comes and go from there.

But, as I sit here in my house in Keizer, thinking of how crazy the past year and years have been.  Great games I’ve witnessed this past year, McKay-Sprague Boys Basketball Double Overtime game that was as intense as McNary-South Salem Boy’s Basketball overtime thriller.  Dayton walk-off winning the State Championship, seeing the seniors of both Dayton Girls Basketball and Salem Academy Girls basketball meeting up in the State Title game as seniors after meeting there as Freshman.

St. Paul scoring 10 runs with two outs on the board in the seventh inning in hopes that they’ll get their first-ever playoff win in program history.

Memories like that of this past year alone makes it even that much better to go out and cover these great kids who are putting it all on the line every day.

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  1. Bill Wittman says:

    You are greatly appreciated for the time, effort, energy & attention that you give our local student-athletes … at all levels.

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