Jefferson’s Caesar ‘Wolf Man’ Sepulveda Reflecting on State Track Accomplishments

By Jeremy McDonald

JEFFERSON, Ore.– There’s a story behind every athlete and their success, some more interesting than others. Some, perhaps even, funny to hear about.

Jefferson’s Caesar Sepulveda has a unique story behind his nickname of ‘Wolf-Man’ dating back to basketball to what he told his teammates and coaches about the reasoning behind the Nickname that he came up with:

“The nick name wolf-man came from me telling the basketball team that if I ever go pro playing ball, I would have the announces call me wolf-man. Growing up I’ve had this thing for wolfs,” said Sepulveda on the ‘Wolf-man’ nickname.

The ‘Wolf-Man’ carried his success on the court to the runway and the sand-pit of Track and Field for the Lions in the Spring as the Junior qualified for the State Meet this season as Sepulveda remembered just being relaxed as he approached the Long Jump, Triple Jump and the High Jump events last weekend.

“I can only remember being the most relaxed, for those days where the most relaxed I had ever felt all season,” said Sepulveda.

He won the High Jump with a basketball like jump of six-foot-five-inches that he followed up with a sixth-place finish in the Long Jump (19-feet-10.5-inches) and capped it all with an incredible jump of 43-feet-8.25-inches to bring Jefferson two State Titles when it was all said and done.

For the Wolf-Man, he reflects back on those three events as a whole as something he can improve upon entering the 2019 season for his senior campiagn to build from.

“For Long Jump and Triple Jump I keep landing in the pit wrong so I’m losing around three-and-a-half feet. Bringing the high jump tittle was great, but its not enough for me. I worked hard at practice and out of practice, but I didn’t know how to feel after everything was done and over,” said Sepulveda reflecting on his three events. “Maybe I should have wanted it more; or ran more hills. Maybe I could have done things differently. I know I’ll be better prepared next year; knowing I could have done better eats me alive. I know I have one more chance to make everything count.”

Making everything count. He’s already set a high-standard for himself entering his senior season with the numbers and how his junior season ended; and with his plate being full with other sports he participates in like Basketball, Sepulveda only spent a short period of time reflecting on his school-recording breaking performance in the Triple Jump during the 3A State Track and Field Meet.

“Breaking the school record was an experience that didn’t last long. Next year is yet to come. they are other sports to keep me busy before the first track meet comes but when that day comes I’ll be ready,” said Sepulveda on breaking the school record as he focuses on his senior season on the horizon.

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