GVC Baseball Honors Complete List

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.– The Complete List of Greater Valley Conference Baseball Honors:

Player of the Year: Aaron Zavala, South Salem

Pitcher of the Year: Curtis Zamora, West Albany

Coach(es) of the Year: Bryan Lohrman and Taylor Blair, West Salem

1st Team Pitchers:

Austin Brown, McKay

Alek Altringer, Sprague

Curtis Zamora, West Albany

Ryan Brown, South Salem

Cameron Kallhoff, North Salem

Lucas Stanfield, West Salem

1st Team Catchers:

Aaron Zavala, South Salem

Ty Covalt, McNary


Ty McNary
McNary’s Ty Covalt (right) at the mound with one of his coaches at North Salem on April 3 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


1st Team First-Baseman:

Kaiden Doten, South Salem (unanimous)

Tanner Rice, West Albany (unanimous)

1st Team Infielders:

Will Tsukamaki, North Salem

Danny Alvarado, South Salem

Jayce Lien, West Albany

Caleb Beach, West Albany

Tanner Mannen, Forest Grove

Jacob Jackson, McNary

1st Team Outfielders:

Sean Alvarado, South Salem

Blake Arritola, West Salem

Max Long, Sprague


Max Long of Sprague preparing for his At-Bat versus West Albany at home on May 2 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Henry Tonges, Forest Grove

1st Team Utility:

Noah Ferguson, South Salem

Noah Juarez, West Salem

Michael Soper, Sprague

2nd Team Pitchers:

Logan Johnson, West Salem

Carl Rumbaugh, McNary

Cole Herschbach, Sprague

2nd Team Catchers:

Kevin Sullivan, McMinnville

Grant Thies, West Salem

Michael Murphy, Sprague

Max Richards, Forest Grove

2nd Team First Base:

Sam DuPuis, McMinnville

2nd Team Infielders

Jacob Denning, West Salem

Shaun Dhote, West Salem

Cooper Hartsell, West Albany

Colton Smith, McMinnville

Collin Wentworth, McNary

West Salem’s Shaun Dhote looking on at the plate versus Oregon City at Oregon City on March 20 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


2nd Team Outfielders:

Brenden Bliss, West Albany

Riley Baumann, West Albany

Lance Becktel, McNary

Austin Ailstock, West Salem

Lovell, Zach, Sprague

Honorable Mentions:

Noor Dhote, P, West Salem

David Allen, P, McNary

Zach Richards, P, Forest Grove

Reyes Luna, C, North Salem

Parker Nicholson, 1B, West Albany

Spencer Plant, IF, Sprague

Jasiah Hanson, IF, McNary

Jake Mason, OF, North Salem


North Salem’s Jake Mason walking off the field during their April 3 game versus McNary (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Elijah Enomoto-Haole, OF, South Salem

Collin Vogt, OF, South Salem

Porter Phillips, OF, West Albany

Brett Lundeen, OF, McMinnville

Braydon, McLaughlin, OF, Forest Grove

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