Slipping By To Qualify For The Finals

By Jeremy McDonald

EUGENE, Ore.– There’s always some crazy things happening at the State Meet as the old saying goes.

For South Salem’s Hailey Lewetag, who’s been battling through a knee injury to be in the Top 10 in the Greater Valley Conference in the 200 meter, 400 meter, 800 meter and the 1,500 meter races this season despite the injury.

Coming into the final 100 meters of the 800 meter preliminary race, Lewetag needed one last monster kick to keep her Final Race hopes alive.

Lewetag remembered what her Coach told her as she came down towards the finish-line.

“I honestly thought…I saw the time on the billboard and saw that she was right there and my coach told me right before I ran that her freshman year she made State and qualify for Finals by out-kicking that person by point-something,” said Lewetag. “So I wanted to do that, I knew I put in the work and I deserved it so I went for it.”

Hailey Lewetag loosening up before her 800 meter run (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The gamble worked, Lewetag’s kick worked as she crossed the line in 2:18.12.  Good enough to qualify for the State Final Race by 0.12 of a second.

“My heart was racing, I knew the times from the last heat and I was just so excited I ran to Elizabeth (Khoury from Forest Grove) who was the other girl who made it from Districts and she made finals too,” “So I went up to her and went, ‘Oh my god we did it, let’s represent the GVC.

And that starts by racing her own race, running her own splits and as she said too, hope for a big PR.


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