VanZant Wins Long Jump Title With Eye’s On Finals Friday

By Jeremy McDonald

EUGENE, Ore.– She knew it wasn’t her best series of jumps she could have produced in the 3A State Long Jump Finals Thursday afternoon.  Ronni VanZant was opened about it as the Senior came off of qualifying for the 100 meter dash finals and had to work time around qualifying for the 200 meter dash finals too.

But hey, it wasn’t an 18-foot leap as she was hoping for, but her 16-foot-11.25-inch jump was good enough to bring home the 3A State Long Jump Title back to Sheridan High School.
“It felt good to know that I was constantly hitting the board because that was what I was worried about,” starts VanZant.  “I didn’t scratch and that’s what I was asking for.  I know I didn’t do the best, but I definitely didn’t scratch and that was what I was worried about.”
During warm-ups, VanZant said that her steps were constantly over the foot-board and it made the sprinter-jumper nervous that it was happening on Game Day instead of at practice.
Ronni VanZant (far right) after her 100 meter dash Thursday afternoon (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
VanZant settled in though in time for her jumps to qualify for the finals and then turning in her focus on the Title that she eventually achieved a few hops-skips-and-jumps later.
“I think I handeled it pretty well, I was very tired because I did like 10 run-throughs and then my 100 and I was worried about the 200.  So I think that all factored in I think,” she said.
But with her qualifying for the 200 meter dash and the 100 meter dash in a PR-ing effort, VanZant is confident she can duplicate Thursday’s success Friday.
“I definitely think I can, espically with that 12.5,” smile VanZant about her PR in the 100 meter dash.  “I definitely came out of the blocks faster and I remembered to breathe and just finished strong.  I think if I remember the hard-work that I put in, that it’s going to pay-off and continue to have a good race.”

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