Deters Rallies Back For Title. Griffin, Lux Place

By Jeremy McDonald

EUGENE, Ore.– Amity Deters had to rely on one final jump that she was about to take to continue her pursuit of a State Championship Thursday afternoon.

Her first two jumps resulted in a scratch and a foul, just barely tagging the bar measured out at five-foot-one to knock it off its holder.
Some would say greatness is molded in moment like this while others fall under the pressure.  Deters, it was the forward as the Perrydale athlete cleared the height to cheers of her coaches and teammates a few yards away from the High Jump pit.
“I was really nervous, but usually before doing a big jump I just take deep breaths and do my little warm-up in my head,” said Deters. “I calm down and , so it doesn’t really matter what I’m jumping I’m just trying to get over the bar.  Just take all the stimulates.”
Now the pressure was on between herself and Southwest Christian’s Kayla Morgan.  Both athletes looked ready through the fatigue from prior events, Deters with the Long Jump and Morgan with the 100 meter hurdles.
Deter going over the five-foot-one-inch height during Thursday’s Meet (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
Both missed their second jumps, making the last jump as the previous height.  Morgan barely missed the mark, Deters didn’t.
And as Deters walked to the official, she smiled as she brought the 1A school of Perrydale a High School as she was offered to try five-three.
“I was really happy to have won the competition, I didn’t really care about getting a higher height,” laughed Deter.  “I just cared about getting first, obviously you wanted to get the highest height you can but I’m just happy I got first.”
Nonetheless Deters attempted the height, and even though she didn’t clear the height that she almost did in one of her attempts, the Title was added to her Day One accolades with the fourth-place finish in the Long Jump with the Triple Jump and relay Friday afternoon into evening.
“A lot of icing and drinking water,” smiled Deters.
Kieley Griffin looking over as she accepts her seventh-place medal for the Long Jump (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
Joining Deters on the podium was Kieley Griffin as the senior finished her Long Jump career with a seventh-place finish.
“I haven’t done Long Jump for very long so I’m really happy that I PR’d, seventh-place is good for me in Long Jump,” starts Griffin who jumped 15-feet-6.5-inches.  “It’s awesome, I do both sports so ending softball and have another week of Track is just really fun.”
Alyssa Lux, who was in the center of the field at Hayward Field, achieved her goal of throwing a hundred feet in Javelin and PR-ring after picking up a nice 98-feet-five-inch PR at the District Meet last week.
“I still can’t really believe it right now, I’m just so excited and shocked that I did it,” said Lux as the junior threw 103-feet-five-inches.  “But I just feel that everything that I worked on this whole entire year is really paying off at the right time so I’m super excited about that.
“I’m definitely going to just take what I’ve learned now and keep practicing, keep working on and keep getting better.”
Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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