Scio Softball Launches Four Home Runs In 14-4 Win Over Taft

By Jeremy McDonald

SCIO, Ore.–  It’s no surprise that Scio can launch the long ball like the 1998 Home Run race between Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire, but against a team like Taft that’s seventh-ranked in 3A?  Now that takes a lot of scouting reporting and research on your opponent more like a football game than a softball game.

But, thanks to that scouting report on the Tigers Emma Coulter, the Loggers were able to walk into the batters box confidently as Ashton Phillips, Olivia Zeiher and Megan Mikolas all combined for four Home Runs in the 14-4 victory Tuesday afternoon at home.

“We’ve had a really good scouting report on her.  We’ve had coaches at a tough game watching her, everyone knew what she threw, what she was going to throw, when she’s going to throw it and we just picked her apart,” starts Phillips who had two of the four home runs in the game with the Senior finishing with four hits in the game.

“Everyone knew exactly what she was going to throw and how hard she was going to throw that throw and we’ve been practicing so hard just hitting the ball as hard as we can.  It definitely showed how hard we’ve been practicing on our hitting.”

Ashton Phillips reaching for the ball during her second Home Run swing Tuesday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Defensively, Taft presented a good challenge for the Scio defense with solid hits and producing a three-run inning in the top half of the third to make it 5-3 entering the bottom half of the inning in favor of the Loggers with Rainier Thursday to close out the regular season.

“I think it was good to have a hitting team and getting us challenged for Rainier Thursday,” starts Zeiher.  “I just think we just need to be relaxed and usually when we get too hyper or hyped, we tend to overthink things and we played a very good defense so I think we’re getting prepared for Rainier.”

First pitch at Rainier is at 4:30pm at Rainier.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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