Just Having Fun

By Jeremy McDonald


REDMOND, Ore.– As the girls of the Cascade OHSET team arrived and opened the first day of the OHSET State Meet at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds, it wasn’t until Thursday night when they saw their first action of the Meet when the District Winning Drill Team went out into the Main Arena floor as the next to last act of the evening.

And coming out, draped in the same out fits from the horse’s dressing to their outfits and the Cascade flags, they were welcomed by cheers by their fans in a small little section of the crowd that made the trip over the mountainside to watch them.

“It was really exciting and just the fact that we made it to State just made it even more exciting because we were first in Districts for Drill so now we come and compete with everyone now so it was super exciting,” said Hope Riesterer.

Nerves were there yes, but it was expected performing at this big of a stage.

“It’s not too bad, blowing the whistle…I don’t know, it’s kind of nerve-racking just thinking, ‘hey if I mess up, everyone else is going to mess up’.  But I like it,” said  Lena Daives, who’s been leading the floor charge all season long for the Cougars.  “I think we did good, I think we had fun and I think that’s important.”

The performance lasted five minutes and 15 seconds in length, and as they wait for the final results here in a few days at the conculsion of the Meet; there was still some fun in the stables as they turned on the music in the quieting stalls and they sing along, an occasional cheer joined in as schools names from their conference were called by one of their own.

“It’s really fun, I’ve been pretty blessed to have this team this year espically for my last year, so it’s really fun,” said Riesterer as the Cascade OHSET team around her got rowdy at the end of the first day of the State Meet.
Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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