Filling The Ranks

By Jeremy McDonald

REDMOND, Ore.–  The Scio Drill team didn’t compete in their last Meet leading up to the OHSET State Meet this weekend at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds due to a freak accident involving Alexus Franklin and her horse that took them out of the District Meet a few short weeks ago in Albany.

But, that’s when junior Amelia Spilde was brought on to the team as Spilde was thrown into the figuartive fire in learning the steps of the routine with her horse leading up to the biggest meet of the year with all the marbles on the table.

“It was definitely nerve-racking honestly,” laughed Spilde.  “I came in because they were like, ‘oh can we please have you do Drill’ and I’m like, ‘sure, why not?  What could go wrong?'”

Spilde was in high-spirts after the event Thursday night about doing Drill, or Freestyle 4’s as it’s known as well, as she knew the risk at hand as she cracked a few jokes about the event she was doing, but once she got onto the horse with the adrenaline pumping in a giant arena with a orange and black ‘SHS’ flag in her hand; the nerves magnified even more.

“I was shaking.  I was just shaking going into it like, ‘I don’t know how this is going to go’.  But we did our warm-up pretty ok and that calmed me down a bit, but going into the arena and first-time in that arena it’s like a nightmare.  It’s like being put on stage with your pants down, it’s awful,” laughed Spilde.  “But it took a lot of practicing and a lot of hard work definitely.”

The performance went smoothly as Kaitlyn Kuzma was impressed with not just how Spilde did coming in on the fly, but how they did in general by not having the ‘points’ from the third meet as many other teams had coming from their respective final meets.

“Since we didn’t compete at the third meet, we didn’t have the points for going into State so all the other teams were like, ‘ah they’re nothing, they’re not going to do good’ so we’ve had a whole bunch of people coming up to us saying, ‘Oh my God, you surprised us.  You beat everyone’s expectations’,” starts Kuzma.

“(Spilde) is a junior on our team and this is her first-year doing OHSET so she’s never done anything Drill related so, I think she did really good…she was solid on certain patterns so it was good.”


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