Livengood Game-Winner Denies McNary Of Late Game Rally

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  McNary entered the fourth quarter down 12-4 to West Salem with momentum fully in the Titans favor, but the thing about Lacrosse is that you have to play a full four quarters because any is possible.

And possible happened.
With four minutes to go, West Salem’s lead was down 12-8. Then to 12-10.
Kory Pagels brought the Celtics to within one with eight seconds to go when a stick penalty against Simon Smith allowed McNary to gain possession after the goal without a face-off with Johnathan Williams with the ball when the whistle went off to resume play.
Williams drives to Cameron Van Leuven, shoots and scores with three seconds left in the game to knot things up at 12 as his team storms out onto the field a few yards knowing that they could possibly bring home the win after being down eight to start the quarter.
For Williams, he knows how much this game means to Pagels, Williams and their team in general as the Celtics haven’t beaten West Salem in a few meetings against the two squads.
“I remember looking up at the scoreboard, it was 12-3 I believe and I was like, ‘We can still do this.  It’s a game.  No one is unbeatable’ and we always believe in ourselves,” said Williams.  “We all believed until the ball hit the back of the net on the last goal, we kept believing.
“I wasn’t going to lose 12-6 to those kids, it’s my senior year.  Kory Pagels, he’s played with and against these kids for years, he got something deep down inside of him.  Something about him makes me want to do it for Kory more than myself.”
Williams looking on moments after tying at game at 12 with a few seconds remaining in the game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
The Celtics won the face-off to start overtime and drove down the field with the Titans defense in front of them.  After passing the ball around, McNary shot a hard shot at goal, only to have the freshman in Van Leuven make the crucial save as his offense drove the field to the Celts side when time was called.
Coming out of time, West Salem did the same passing around like McNary did before Wyatt Livengood got the ball and sent a hard liner at goal and connected for the 13-12 win.
Livengood took off his helmet in celebration as his team swarmed the senior following his game-winning goal as he, like his teammates remember that feeling of when Sprague beat them in Overtime
“Oh it was so exciting, the whole team come rushing out, that’s some exciting stuff.  It was really fun, it was a really good game and I don’t know how to explain that moment.  I don’t know it was really good,” said Livengood on the goal.  “We let a few that shouldn’t have gone in and we just came back and we finish strong all the time and we like to say we play all four quarters and we came out and played and I like it.”
Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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