Live And Laugh: South Salem’s Ferry Commits To Corban

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  There was some nerves for South Salem Girls Head Coach Adrian Lewis Monday afternoon in the Library at South Salem High School as he sees his first athlete as a Varsity Head Coach committing to the next level, but there was also something awesome about it as well as Lewis gets to see the younger sister of a former boys athlete of his commit to the next level.

“Yeah the Ferry’s are a great family, they’ve supported me this whole season and transition from me and McWilliams,” Lewis said of the Ferry family. “Her older brother, she has a very similar game to her older brother.  They tend to foul a lot and get after it, but it’s something you need as a basketball player.  You need that enforcer and she did a vocal leader and leading our girls on-and-off the court and just being that defensive presence that you really wanted in a basketball girl.”

The subject of Monday’s Signing Day was Josie Ferry, and her brother that Lewis eluded to was Ferry’s older brother Heath who graduated in 2014 from South Salem.

Now, for the younger Ferry in Josie, Corban University was always on the radar for her growing up and soon enough basketball became an important factor for the Saxon Senior when she came up through the ranks to this day where she is sitting in the Library about to sign her name to play at her dream school.

“It’s unbelievable, this is what I’ve been working on since pretty much sixth grade and it really is a dream coming true just being able to play with such a great team and a great college as well,” said Ferry on achieving her goal.

With her Athletic Director and Head Coach speaking before she stepped to the podium to speak herself, the physical play that she was known for during her years in the Columbia Blue and Scarlet, she hopes to carry over to Navy and Gold this upcoming Winter.  But she too knows that it’ll take a little more work this off-season to make sure she is in the best form she can be for when she walks into the gym here in a few short months.

“I know the pace is going to get quicker and everyone is going to be stronger and that’s what I’m going to do this summer, just working hard and just improving as much as I can because that’s all I can do and try all my hardest the whole entire time,” said Ferry.

Josie Ferry signing her Letter of Intent with her parents around her Monday afternoon (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

But, Ferry was more than just a presence down in the trenches for rebounds, blocks and the like on the court; in her off-the-court time, the 3.8 GPA student also spends her time volunteering and helping out at Elementary Schools and raising money to help those with Cancer and Diabetes and the experiences thanks to her Leadership class helped her  see the world from a different lenses as she turns those experiences in her own.

“I think it gave me a different perspective on how to take different people and knows that each people be talked to differently.  Whether it’s, I need to be a little more quiet around them or if I need to be a little more vocal.  I think different activities really helped with that aspect of leadership,” said Ferry on how her volunteer work has helped her in shaping her to who she is today.

As Coach Lewis was wrapping up his speech about Ferry though before Ferry spoke and soon-signed, Lewis mentioned about the funner side of his Senior player and mentioning a moment about Ferry just laughing like it was no big deal.  For Ferry, it’s just who she is and what she believes in:  Live and Laugh.

“Definitely when I need to be serious, I am serious but I take any chance to laugh because you’re suppose to live and laugh.  Live and laugh in life and that’s what I live by,” said Ferry. “If I can laugh a little bit, I will because who doesn’t want to have a good laugh.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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