New Suits, Full Strength For McKay 4×100 Team

By Jeremy McDonald

INDEPENDENCE, Ore.– Curt Everetts had an idea to get his 4×100 team a new outfit for how well his 4×100 team did last season in the State Meet.

“It’s our reward for being fifth in State last year,” said Everetts as the sprint suits resembled that of a lime-green singlet from wrestling as his 4×1 team prepared for their race Friday at Central.

“At first I didn’t like them, but it’s pretty nice,” laughed Taran Trumbly.

It was one of the first times that Trumbly, Avori Miranda, Damian Rios and Israel Garza all raced together this season. Trumbly started the race and was middle of the pack when Miranda took over.

Trumbly sitting down after the 4×100 race with the new McKay uniforms on (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Miranda, who like Garza is overcoming an injury, put the Scots towards the front of the pack and Rios put McKay in the front with Stayton right on his heels. But, it was Garza on the anchor leg that was the deciding factor in the race as the Scots won the race with a time of 43.61, a full second and change over the second-place Eagles.

“Avori has always been that type of guy that brings us back into the race, and then I’m the guy that sometimes just keeps it or even extends the lead because I felt like I extended the lead right there once I got the hand-off,” starts Rios. “And then Izzy, he just finishes it for us and does really well.”

“It really boost our confidence a lot because since we haven’t had a lot of days where the weather is nice, today was perfect,” said Rios. “Everyone came back healthy, so the weather is good. Izzy got a tail win and that helped a lot, we’re just looking forward to PR from last season and we have our own set of goals, everyone’s talking about West Salem’s 4×1 relay team but I don’t think we’re worry about them, we’re worried about our own goals.”

The McKay 4×100 meter relay team on the podium after their win Friday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The Lady Scots 4×100 relay team too won their race in 51.57 as Steffani Rodriguez-Aquino pulled away from the field in the final 100 meters of the race.

“It was great, I was nervous but I was thinking, ‘I got this’,” said Rodriguez-Aquino on her leg of the race. “The wind really helped me, but I felt good. I feel like (the team’s) looking good, I feel like we have a good chance of going to State this year.”

Rodriguez-Aquino was on the 4×100 team as a freshman last year where she also finished third in the 100 and 200 meter dashes at State as well. Rodriguez-Aquino took home the top spot in the 100 meter dash with a time of 12.75.

Hanna Caldwell and Jazmine Liebel were three/four in the 3000 meters as Liebel PR’d with a time of 11:56.02. Melina Morales was fifth in Pole Vault (seven-feet) Josh Marion was third in the shot put (41-feet-10.5-inches). Tess Barnett was fourth in the 800 meter dash with a 2:38.44 time.

Garza won the 100 and 200 meter dashes. Tyrus Love was second in the 110 meter hurdles with a 15.34 PR and was third in the long jump behind Trumbly who finished second to go with Trumbly’s third place finish in the 100 meter dash. RJay Chokai was fifth in the 200 meter dash. Juan Rangel was sixth in the Triple Jump.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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