Polanski, Sprague Defeats West Salem Lacrosse In OT

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  There is a rumor floating around that the game Sprague is most looking forward to is West Salem.

And why not?  The Titans have won the last few consecutive League Titles and have been the Top Dog coming out of Salem for the playoffs and the Olympians want to dethrone the champs.

But, for West Salem too.  Sprague Lacrosse is their rival and certainly didn’t want to give them a easy win as well.

When the game started, both sides traded blows on the scoreboard, getting balls past the Olys Caleb Cooper and Titan freshman goalie Cameron Van Leuven even though it was very contested shots at goal.

West Salem held a 6-5 lead at halftime with Eric Fraizer’s goal with 4:22 left in the second half being the difference before Sprague tied it up at 10 entering the fourth quarter, but the Titans built a 12-10 lead early in the fourth quarter on the Olympians.

“This is our rivalry game, it’s always been close every year and we just got to come out and play harder because we fought all four quarters we just got to finish better next time,” said Simon Smith.

Both side’s defense were physical with one another’s offense in Friday night’s game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Logan Smith cut it to 12-11 before Smith extended it to 13-11 with under seven to go in the game.

But that would be the most comfortable as the lead got because Sprague rampaged back with a Man-Up goal by Jaymin Colving that was followed by Jack Sobey’s goal to tie it with Jeremy Buyserie giving the Olys the lead with 1:40 left in the game.

“There’s no better feeling, there’s not really good way to describe it,” said Sprague’s Elisa Polanski. “You just got to find deep down who’s really wants to and it just comes down to who wants it.”


And West Salem looked like they had the upper-hand on their rival as Gavin Irving ties the game with a goal with 53.6 seconds remaining in the game and had an opportunity after a Smith steal, but couldn’t win it in regulation as we entered overtime tied at 14.

“I like those kinds of game because I just like those kind of games.  It gets hard, tunnel vision,” described Smith on going into overtime.

Andy Moreno takes the face-off and time is called by the Titans.  Simon Smith had a shot missed it’s mark at the 3:18 mark, but West Salem kept possession before turning it over out of bounds .  Sprague called timeout once Colvin received the ball at about the 25-yard-line.
Jaymin Colvin (16) fist bumping Zachary Beach (25) after one of Colvin’s goals (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
So, it came down to the Titan defense and the Olys offense as they came out of the timeout aggressive.  Victor Hernandez of West Salem was called for a push that put Sprague up a man with 2:05 left in overtime.
Logan Smith missed his shot but the Olympians kept possession.  Colvin shot but Van Leuven saves it before Polanski found the ball and hit the game winner with 1:26 left in the game to give Sprague the 15-14 win.
“Oh there’s no better feeling,” said Polanski who was swarmed by his teammates after the goal that ended the game.  “I saw Jaymin come down, I knew if I come down the middle he’ll draw the slide and I just have a shot and I finished.”
On the other side of the field, West Salem were walking off the field knowing they could have done better to win that game.  But that’s something they’ll work on as they prepare for West Albany Tuesday night and Sprague goes to host Newberg on Tuesday night.

“We just got to come out in practice and beat up on each other because those kids were a little bit physically, we just got to play harder,” said Smith.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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