North Marion Shuts Out Philomath For 14th Win Of Year

By Jeremy McDonald

AURORA, Ore.–  A day after playing their first game in two weeks, Mean Green of North Marion baseball laced it up for their first game at home since April 4 in Game 2 of their three-game series with Philomath.

The sun was out in full force for what seemed like the first time in ages, Trevor Ensign continued where the Huskies left off Wednesday in Philomath as the senior six-five pitcher gave his defense enough opportunities to play while picking up five strikeouts to give his offense an opportunity to string together a few hits against the Warriors.

“It feels great to shut somebody down  like and there’s a lot of hits and a lot of ground-balls and stuff like that, it just keeps our infield/outfield into the game.  It keeps their heads on a swivel you know?” said the Pitcher-Only Ensign on the game.

Philomath’s Kenan Connor presented a challenge for the Huskies when North Marion was up to bat, limiting the Huskies batting potential to a few hits here and there with only six hits total in the game.

However, once North Marion got onto the base-paths, that’s when they made the most of their hits by making sure they were in the right spots at the right times for those hits when they occurred.

“That’s always something we’re looking for.  We’re always looking for the little things that would make a big difference in the game, one of the emphasis is stealing bases,” said Bryce Lemon on the little things that could be the difference in the game.  “I don’t know, it’s the little things, like Grant (Henry) yesterday he’s stolen bases when they’re not even looking after he hits a single.

“Obviously it’s a big part of our game because we like to be aggressive swingers and stuff, it’s huge for us.”

Sergio Jimenez  (3) watching Philomath’s Kenan Connor (12) as Connor winds up for a pitch (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Noah Vacther had a RBI double in the bottom of the second to make break the initial 0-0 tie before Griffin Henry’s RBI sacrifice fly and Lemon’s RBI single pushed the 1-0 lead to 3-0 by the end of the third inning as the Huskies stole three bags in the game Thursday afternoon.

As for that defense, which capitalized down to the last three outs led by Milo Bilyeu who got the save to save the game when Sergio Jimenez, Lemon-to-Griffin Henry and a Bilyeu strikeout 1,2,3 inning to end the game, it’s a great way to make set up North Marion for the possible sweep Friday afternoon in Philomath before hosting Central next week.

“Today, we did pretty great,” said Lemon. “A lot of people making plays out there. Griffin (Henry) scooping balls that are in the dirt and those are hard.  People diving for balls and that’s what we need, just go out there and give it full effort and come back and carry it into tomorrow and we’ll be just fine.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald



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