Dayton Holds Off Amity Softball 5-0

By Jeremy McDonald

DAYTON, Ore.–  Amity was only one swing away from making an already tight ball game more interesting entering the bottom of the fourth inning Tuesday afternoon on the road as both the Lady Warriors and Dayton’s bats were slow out of the gates.

Through three innings Amity’s Brittnie Brown and the Lady Pirates Anika Heidt  held each other offense’s in check even though Dayton led 2-0 entering the bottom of the fourth inning.

The Lady Warriors Keeley Graham mentioned how facing the Pirates last season affected them as they got into the batters box versus Heidt this season.

“I think we had a picture in our mind from last year’s pitcher, and so just getting used to this new one and get our timing down was really getting to us,” said Graham who went 1-for-3 in the game. “We get a hit and then pop two up and get the outs and so it wasn’t getting it all together.

“Mainly working on our bats and our timing them.  Getting used to her pitches.”


The Dayton defense held Amity’s offense to zero runs for the first time all season Monday afternoon (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Heidt, who’s assuming the number one pitching position this season, mentioned how it’s been since taking over entering this season as she struck out seven Amity batters and allowing the Lady Warriors to only produce five hits the game.

“It’s been different for sure, it’s been an adjustment into a leadership position than I’m used to.  But I’ve liked it, I’ve felt it was great,” said Heidt.

Heidt scored the first two runs of the game through RBI singles in the bottom of the first and third innings before Catie Jacks sent a two-run home run in the bottom of the fifth that helped seal the 5-0 Pirate win over rival-Amity.

“You know I was happy when we got some runs up there, I wished our bats were more alive I would have liked to have more up there, especially earlier on,” said Heidt as both her and Jacks went 2-3 on the day and each had two RBIs each in the win.  “I didn’t like how close the game was.  But I liked that we slowly started to figure it out, got our hits when we needed to.  We got those RBIs which is really important, so we figured it out I just wished we could have done a little bit better.”

And Dayton, as Amity, will have their opportunity to get their bats going as the Lady Pirates travel to Taft Friday before hosting Glide for a doubleheader Saturday and the Lady Warriors host Williamina before hosting Scio next Wednesday.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald



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