Chemawa’s Loya Looking To Finish Prep Career Strong

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– It was a neck-and-neck race between Chemawa senior Milo Loya and Scio freshman Caleb Shockey as the embarked on their 200 meter journey at the Meet of Champions.

Loya, who finished sixth in 3A as a junior for the Braves in the State in the 100 meter dash and fourth in the PacWest Conference in the 200 meter dash as well, described last season as a surprised as he finished higher than he expected when he crossed the finish line at the State Meet in the 100 meters in 11.54 seconds.
“I was pretty amazed myself because I didn’t think I was going to get that,” laughed Loya.  “I thought I was going to get eighth, but I kind of pushed myself about halfway through it and pushed myself like, ‘naw I can’t go out like that’ so I went all the way and pushed my way through it and surprised I came in sixth.”
Loya, who’s from Arizona, finished sixth in the 1A-4A Meet of Champions race at Willamette University with a 11.99 second time in the 100 meter dash as the Chemawa sprinter wants to go out with a bang in the Red and Black that’s the Braves colors.
“I think I did pretty good, it was a pretty intense hard race.  But it’s pretty good.  It’s amazing how I’m trying to go out with a big bang, I’m trying to go out as one of the greatest.  Last year, I couldn’t really do anything because I tore my ACL, not tore it but fractured it.  So it’s kind of messed up but I recovered over the summer and I’m back,” said Loya on the 100 with him making a comeback from the injury this season.
“I want to go out big, I want to be one of the Top 3 in the State.”
Loya stretching out before going into his blocks for the 200 meter dash (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
Over the summertime, Loya said that the injury helped him by making him push himself.  Make him want to be better with every workout and every ounce of energy he exerted in trying to get back to where he was at last season and further as he wants to be one of the State in 3A.
“The injury, I feel like it kind of helped me because it kind of made me push faster more.  It makes me want to work more because I knew if I didn’t work, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do anything with it.  So over the summer I pushed myself,” Loya said.  “The whole summer I pushed myself.  The whole summer I pushed myself, I worked out.”
As the meet progressed, he was lining up for the 200 meter dash where a up-and-coming sprinter in Shockey was lining up in the lane next to him in the Orange and Black of Scio and when the two exploded off the blocks, it was the Brave and the Logger neck-and-neck entering the final 100 meters of the race.
“You know, it’s two great athletes competing against each other,” said Shockey of Loya after the race.  “I just feel lack of work on me in the weight room and stuff.  But it was a great race all-and-all, Milo’s a great athlete and a lot of respect.”
Caleb Shockey of Scio getting ready for the second heat of the 200 meter dash, lining up against Loya.  Shockey ran a 24.22 in the heat (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
Loya had the slight advantage on Shockey entering the final 100 meters, but left no doubt as he began to pull away from the frosh, beating the Scio sprinter by 0.55 of a second for a season best 23.77 time in the 200 meter race.
“He was up with me the whole way, then when I hit the corner right here (point to corner entering the final 100 meter race), he kind of slipped down like, ‘where did he go?’,” described Loya on the race as he was walking with Shockey after the race.  “I was like, ‘where you go?’ so I tried to look inside to see where he was at.  Man, I knew it was over when I looked behind me.
“Like I said, it was a tough battle.”
Clement Afterbuffalo PR’d in the 1500 meter race with a time of 4:27.64 for ninth-place and PR’d in the 3000 meter race with a time of 9:56.53 in a seventh-place finish in the race. Tyrell Francisco too PR’d in the 3000 meter race with a 10:09.21.

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