Worst Takes Javelin Title At Titan Track Classic

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.– As Cascade’s Kaelyn Worst is slowly working her way back from a slight nagging injury in terms of hurdles this season, she’s steadily picking up where she left off as a junior in the javelin during the Titan Track Classic Friday evening as the senior’s driven to get the best results she can this season.

Her first throw during prelims was a 101-foot through that she followed that up with a 115-foot throw before forgoing her last toss or two knowing that she was already in the finals regardless of how that last throw went.

Being warmed up from her hurdles race seemed as if it helped the senior transition into the throwing event pretty quickly without any sort of solid down time in between.

“It’s always nice to have running and then field events because they kind of help each other when your warming up,” said Worst who finished 17th in the 100 meter hurdles race with a 17.69 dash. “So I was super warm from my hurdles race so I was able to, after I ran I was kind of cooling off, but I was coming into throws so that also helps.”

Worst looking on as one of her throws was being measured out (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

In the prelim-round, Worst went without a back brace but put one on for the finals, and after a tough first throw Worst topped her 115-foot throw with a 116-foot-seven-inch toss to overcome some tough competition like McNary’s Sabella Alfaro (110-feet-7-inches), Sprague’s Alexa Smith (110-feet-six-inches) and Sheldon’s Kami Walker (109-feet) that were right behind her to push her.

“It’s really nice to have competition because a lot of times in our meets I don’t really have a lot of competition because Newport doesn’t come to a lot of meets and that’s my tough competition because their javelin throwers are so strong,” said Worst on her competition Friday.  “So it was nice to have the girls throwing well over 100-feet and close to my close.”

And as the season continues for Worst, she’s going to continue to put in the work but also be fully aware of what her body is telling her as she doesn’t want to regress and start over because of an injury.

“I’m putting in extra work but being very diligent with my workouts and everything because I don’t want to get hurt again and regress and have to start over from where I already was,” said Worst. “So I’m just taking it slow, pushing myself only to a point where I won’t hurt myself.”

Kalulusno Ngaida took the High Jump (five-foot-three) and Triple Jump (38-feet-eight-inch PR) and was second in the long jump (16-feet-eight-inches) for the Cougars Friday.

A few photos By Jeremy McDonald


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