Relay Team To Beat?

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  West Salem found themselves dominate in their hosted event at the Titan Track Classic Friday afternoon into Friday evening.

They finished one through three in the guy’s 100 meter dash.  Lucy Jolivette won the 200 meter dash while finishing second in the 100 meter dash as the Titans had winners in eight total track events and three field events during the meet with several athlete’s finishing in the Top 3 too.

And as the lined up for the 4×100 meet to start off the festivites, it was their latter two legs that helped West Salem pull away for the nearly two second victory over the 4×100 team of Oregon City.

Jamal McMurrin, the third leg of the team, admits that the hand-offs could be crisper and pointed to the hand-off between himself and Simon Thompson for the third 100 meter portion of the race as the prime example as they continue to grow together as a unit and improve moving forward

“Just recognizing the little mistakes,” said McMurrin, who won the 100 meter dash (10.79 PR) and the Long Jump (21-feet-six-inch PR).  “Like me and Simon’s hand-off isn’t the best and eliminating those mistakes from every angle and constantly being on each other about working every rep and all that.

To close out the final 100 meters of the 4×100 meter relay though, as McMurrin opened a slight edge on the competition, the new face to the team making his West Salem Titan Track debut was Anthony Gould.

And as soon as Gould received the hand-off, he all but sealed the 1.93 second victory by his shear speed coming down the final 100 meters.

“He adds a huge element,” laughed McMurrin.  “This guy, he is speed.  He is the fastest guy we came across.  So obviously we all got really good speed and plus him…it doesn’t go speed, then a little bit, then speed.  We just have speed all around, so we’re in pretty good shape.



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