A Learning Experience

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  With an opportunity to race against some high-end competition, Sprague sophomore Julieauna Shinell found herself competing with the front of the pack of her heat during the 1,500 meter race at the Titan Track Classic at West Salem High School Friday afternoon.

With the Olympians traveling to Roseburg Saturday morning as well, the athlete’s under Brent Charles were given an chance to face some quality people to help better themselves for the long haul of the season ahead, and the chance to see how they can prove was their espically for Shinell who said that the chance to learn how to pace herself was helpful.

“It taught me how to pace myself a little bit more and pay a little more attention because on the third lap, I started sprinting with one lap to go and to pay more attention to pace,” said Shinell, who finished 24th with a time of 6:07.93.

Sprague’s Alexa Smith finished third in the Javelin with a throw of 110-feet-6-inches, a PR for the senior (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

After the race, Shinell was cooling down making the turn from the finishing line to the back-straight away and was picking the minds of a few people she was just racing with to see what their strategies and approaches were in the race that they all just ran in.

“I think it’s really cool to meet new people and share your kindness with them because a lot of people are ok with you leaning on them that have been threw it, sharing experiences I guess,” said Shinell.  “Just a lot of things like pacing yourself and trying your hardest in a race.  Doing it for yourself and other people.”

Some notables from Friday’s meet includes Jarod Smith finishing second in the 400 meter dash with a 51.46 PR.  Elise Abbott finished fifth in the 400 meter race as well (1:03.02).

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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