West Salem Finishes Medford Trip 3-1

By Jeremy McDonald


MEDFORD, Ore.– After a tough loss to Grants Pass to open the second at of the North Medford Spring Break Invitational where West Salem had an opportunity to tie the game up late fall short, the Lady Titan softball team bounced back from the 1-0 defeat as they opened a 12-5 lead on Shasta High School of California.

Of their 12 runs in their 12-10 win over the Lady Wolves, Jenny Ball led the offensive charge with three RBIs with Maison Searle batting in two RBIs herself.

“I think they did good, from where we were two weeks ago I worried a little bit,” said Head Coach Ty Nicholson. “We were what? 2-4? And we came here and I knew we were going to face some tough teams and I want to see them battle and kind of turn-around and grow as a team.

“We had some games where a pitcher pitched great and we hit. Then we had some games where we hit and the pitcher doesn’t throw very well, so I told the girls if we could piece those two things together, we’ll win some games.”

The offense of West Salem found it’s groove in Game 2 of Tuesday’s doubleheader (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

And in the second game, was a freshman in the circle in Aliah Wilsey who struck out 10 batters in her second Varsity game pitching after pitching a shutout Monday in Day one of the North Medford Spring Break Invitational.

“To think some of those girls could go D-1 the next year and to think they’re four years older than you is a little nerve-racking, but then I have to know that I have to believe in myself because I’m there for a reason. I want to be on Varsity and I wouldn’t be pitching in this game if he didn’t think I could do it,” starts Wilsey.

“I think that even if they got a good rip off of you, you just have to think that you can fight with them, you can battle with them. There’s going to be frustrations in games but you have to control what you have to control.”

For Nicholson, he’s exciting to see what he has in the future of his pitching staff.

“I think she did a great job, I mean she threw a shutout yesterday and she comes here today and battles,” “We scored runs and didn’t play the best defense and I was telling her they hit some bleeders into spots where no one could get it and that happens and as a pitcher, you have to battle through it.”

And Nicholson recalls calling time with two outs on the board to settle down his pitcher and recalls the defense behind her saying, ‘hey, we got your back’ as they went back out to play defense to help complete the 12-10 win over Shasta Tuesday afternoon as the Lady Titans try to fill some key spots on the field this season.

“And that’s the goal of coming down here, we did a lot of team building stuff and getting them to play together and getting them to play together and be together,” said Nicholson. “We didn’t lose a lot but I got a few key positions that we’re trying to fill and some of them are being filled by freshman and sometimes you may never know what your going to get.

“I think right now, I’m happy with where we’re at. Where we’re at this moment I’ll like if we beat Grants Pass, but my goal coming down here is being 3-1 and we are 3-1.”

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