Cascade Baseball Splits With Marshfield And California’s Colfax

By Jeremy McDonald

GRANTS PASS, Ore.– The bats of Cascade came to life against Marshfield to start the Hidden Valley Tournament at Hidden Valley High School in Grants Pass Monday afternoon.  With 16 hits, the Cougars produced 16 of their 23 runs through RBIs with five coming from Jake Davidson with four coming from Ryan LeDay and another three RBIs coming from Kyle McAlister in the 23-1 win over the Pirates.

“It was awesome just to see our team go out there, we had the bats rolling in the first couple of innings.  Scored a lot of runs so it just felt good hitting the ball a lot,” said Davidson about the first game.

Entering their 5pm team against a Colfax High School team that made a 340 mile trip from their town of 2,004 people of Colfax, California.  The school from the town of Turner that has 2,034 people themselves were faced with a Falcon pitcher who is slated to be one of the star pitchers this season in Dakota Redfern.

Redfern shutdown the hot bats of Cascade as the Falcons built a 4-0 lead after the first inning and held strong with their four-run lead until the top half of the fourth inning when the bats began to chip away at the arm of Redfern and challenging the defense behind him to make plays.

The Falcon defense was put on their toes as Redfern’s tallied strike outs on the Cougar batters and following Davidson’s double and double dance he took from Sprague-graduate and current-Linfield student-athlete Tanner Sorenson, Cascade began to cash in on the runs as Colfax did in the first inning.

“We tried to stop the ball and keep it in front of us and making sure they weren’t getting any extra bases, minimizing the score,” said Davidson as they were trying to set up that big inning.

Jake Whisman (left) throwing the ball back to the mound Monday afternoon (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Though it was sacrifice hits, a sac-fly from Jake Whisman and a sac-hit from McAlister, the once 4-0 deficit was down to 4-2 entering the bottom of the fourth.

“After the first few innings, we got the wheels rolling and there were a few hiccups but our defense was really well after the first few,” said McAlister on building the momentum entering the fourth inning.  “I think that main thing was he was just faster.  But we had to keep in mind that he was like a pitching machine, he’s throwing it to the catcher and it was just a matter of hitting the ball.

“It was more small game and it really worked.  We got a few people on base.”

The Cougar defense hung another goose-egg on the board, but so did Redfern and his defense as the senior pitcher kept Cascade to just those two runs for the remainder of the game.

“I felt it was tough, the first inning obviously weren’t on time,” said Davidson as Redfern struck out 10 Cougar batters in the game as Cascade tried to timed the Californian pitcher.  “As the game went on, it got better recognizing curve balls and getting on fast balls. It felt good.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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