Olympians Holds Marist To Five Goals While Offense Explodes

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  Following suit from the second half of their season opening win over Thurston Tuesday night in Springfield, the Sprague Lacrosse team continued their offensive trek by exploding for seven first quarter goals as they led 9-2 over Marist Catholic at the halftime break.

Of those nine goals, four belonged to Jaymin Colvin.

“It was awesome, you know normally we have some low intensity sometimes,” said Colvin.  “This year it’s something different and just non-stop just running.  I’m honestly proud of everyone, it was crazy I’m happy though.”

Colvin would finish with six goals in the game as the Olympians continued to push their tempo offensively and extending their lead to 13-2 as the Sprague defense was tough as nails in the game; and though they allowed three goals in a small stretch during the second half that prevented the running clock, their defense regained their focus.

“We just focused more, we didn’t over-commit on our guys and we were just conscious.  We went through our plays and we just knew what we were doing and we executed,” said Brendan Mercier.  “It’s not just what we are doing, it’s being able to do it and that’s what we did.”

“We’re a family and stuff so we just came together and just regrouped and thought of everything and focused on what we needed to do,” adds Colvin on regaining their focus after relaxing a bit there in the second half.  “But, we just came out ready to play again.”

Consider this stat-line for the Oly defense:  Of the 24 shots the Spartans took, five ended up goals yes but Gavin Kelly made six saves as the Sprague defense disrupted  Marist’s attackers and midfielders enough to detour their other 13 shots off their intended target in Kelly’s bubble.

And as they regained their focus, Mercier found himself recieveing a pass from Colvin in the middle of the field late in the game.  So the long-stick midfielder took the ball and the opening he was given and drove the length of the field and scored and celebrated the goal with some hooting and hollering that then made it 15-5.

“It was amazing,” smiled Mercier.  “I got that assist from Jaymin, I was wide open in the middle, no one slide on me so I just rolled back and I shot.”

As they wrapped up for the night and Oregon City Tuesday coming to Olympic Stadium Tuesday night to close out the first stretch of their season entering Spring Break, they know it’s just a matter of work on fixing the finer things in their game before the Pioneers come to town.

“We’ll work on offense, keeping the ball.  Our defense can get focused up and get a rest on the other side of the field and we’ll take it from there,” said Mercier. “We’ll keep executing and keep going against teams like this.”


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